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Monday Morning & Interesting News

Each day slips us as sneakily as a phantom, as quiet as the silent wind which caresses our faces which bear the time has left its markings and existence. In the light of knowing that all things shall one day cease, we shall live our lives meaningfully and in goodwill

Once again Monday knocked and welcomed itself into my life, settling itself comfortably and ready to run its day. Waking up early this morning outside seemed perfectly quiet and serene. As I busked in that tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic, I poured a glass of chilled milk into my newly bought honey muesli and brewed a cup of fennel tea. Browsing through my phone and as usual, I entered the Google world. I scrolled down the lists on Google Discover. If anyone is interested in getting on Google Discover, you can look here.

As for today, I dropped by these articles and reels —

1. An unlikely hero in the fight against climate change (Link here)

2. Why do Westerners love to use toilet paper? (Link here)

3. The world’s most nutritious foods (Link here)

4. Scotland’s Little Known Fourth Language (Link here)

5. Coronavirus: Covid nurses’ song of hope from Italy (Link here)

Listen here!

6. Kitboga: How AI is helping me waste scammers’ time (Link here)

7. Museum Alive: App brings a dinosaur to your living room (Link here)

8. The UK seafood that could send you to jail (Link here)

9. The device that reverses CO2 emissions (Link here)

10. Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed (Link here)

Starting an early Monday morning with a dose of reading and working a simple workout routine without equipment certainly did set the mood right to survive through the week. How was your Monday morning? Hope you have a nice & motivating week ahead too!



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