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Eating Your Feelings in Poetry

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

I feel glum today,

Probably because life has no meaning.

What can I do to cheer me up?

Oh, I know! Let’s order that burger with cheese!

It’ll bring me some peace and lots of fries.

Food has been my best friend

It’s with me when I am down

Or even when I’m not.

Food never judged me,

Food never asked me why?

Food never said you’re not enough,

It just enveloped me in its flavor.

The noodles and pastas wrapped

In the fork of joy!

Just some bills thrown

For those delectable tastes well known!

To forget my cares

I just needed some eclairs!

Food and I had a comfortable relationship

But which relationship isn’t give and take?

Food gave me company

But it also drowned my voice

Food gave me flavor,

But my body was out of favor.

Food boosted my spirit,

But also made me snooze.

Food gave me cheer,

But I also couldn’t look in the mirror.

When the weighing scale crossed 100

When the clothes didn’t fit

When I couldn’t walk a mile

When I couldn’t climb a flight

I realized I it was time to be full.

Food and I had to take a break!

Food did not just take away my body,

Food took away my emotions

I no longer knew what I felt

Unless I ate

My biggest victories came and went,

But without the ice cream, nothing made a dent.

The void was not in my stomach

But in my soul and mind

Food had only been kind

Food was much like Gym

Cruel in its kindness

The cheese were dumbbells.

Their pain was after the set.

Now I wondered if it was worth it?

This masochism I had to beat,

And Food needed to take a back seat.

Glum is no longer a burger,

But now a pen and a journal.

Joy is no longer a pasta wrapped-fork,

But now a bookmark

Anger is not a pastry of chocolate,

But now a walk in the park.

I would meet Food there too.

I would smile.

Food looked proudly from a distance,

As I walked another mile,

In another direction




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Vanshika Sharma

Vanshika Sharma

I write about self improvement, mindset and productivity! I also write poetry. You can follow me on Instagram @poetrybyvanshika

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