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Most Effective Practices in Classrooms!

If you are a teacher, particularly a fresh or intended to join the teaching profession, you must go through this tutorial. This story covers the basic practices, which every teacher must know and practice for pro results.

Most Effective Practices in Classrooms [created by author]

Creating an Environment that Appeals to Students

Starting a Lesson

Tips for Starting a Lesson [created by author]

Assessing the Students’ Understanding

Assessing the Students’ Understanding [created by author]

Role of Body Language in Classroom

Role of Body Language in Classroom [created by author]
Role of Gesture in Classroom [created by author]

Process of Teaching

“Today, we’re going to study the computer peripheral devices. First, we’ll study the input devices. Next, we’ll cover the output devices. After that, we’ll cover the storage devices. Finally, we’ll study the network devices.”

Process of Teaching [created by author]

Peer and Group Teaching

Peer and Group Teaching [created by author]

How to Ask Children?

How to Ask Children? [created by author]

Error Correction in Classroom

Error Correction in Classroom [created by author]

Finishing a Lesson

Finishing a Lesson [created by author]

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules [created by author]

Teacher Worries

Teacher Worries [created by author]

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