Navya Gupta
1 min readApr 6, 2022


Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

Here’s to the life I never lived
To the ‘what-ifs’ I never explored
To the roads I did not take &
To the stories that still remain untold.

Here’s to my long-lost childhood friend
I still carry our friendship in my heart
Here’s to the kiss I never had
Its undying yearning that left a mark.

Here’s to my many firsts & my lasts
To those unticked choices of the past
To the hands I did not shake
To the forgotten names I did not take.

Here’s to the love I couldn’t resist
Due to the lack of better sense
Here’s to the love I almost missed
Due to my brewing innocence.

Here’s to the feelings I did not allow
& to my (unfulfilled) frivolous vows
Here’s to the places unvisited
& to the apple that was prohibited.

To all those could-have-beens —
I still behold you from afar
Remnants of gratitude & regret
Leaving the window of what-ifs ajar…

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