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My Another Story Got 70,000 Views on Medium! Here’s the Techniques I Applied

Discover the secrets to driving 70K views on Medium: My proven techniques for creating successful stories.

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Before taking on a new challenge on Medium, I was very busy with my blog, which was earning me $5,000 or more per month.

I recently published a blog where I revealed the secret to making $6,249 in just 3 months with the NordVPN Affiliate Program.

If I talk about Medium, I didn’t even know it could change the way I work forever in terms of higher visibility, organic traffic, leads, and Google rankings.

Today, I’m very excited to share that one of my stories on Medium recently reached 70,000 views! 🤩🤩🤩

Here’s the story I’m talking about:

It’s a huge milestone for me, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the techniques I applied to make this happen.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I did it and some tips on how you can give your stories the best chance of going viral, too.

1. I chose a keyword-rich title

The title of your story is one of the first things people will see, so it’s important to make it compelling and relevant to your content.

I made sure to include my targeted keyword in the title to increase the chances of my story appearing in relevant searches.

2. I included relevant keywords in the body of my story

In addition to the title, it’s important to include your targeted keywords throughout the body of your content.

This helps search engines understand the topic and context of your story, which can improve your ranking in search results.

3. I used subheadings and formatting

Using subheadings and formatting (like bullet points or numbered lists) can make your content easier to read and more visually appealing.

It can also help search engines understand the structure and content of your story, which can improve your ranking.

One Tip: Be sure to use tools like Semrush to help you with your SEO efforts and to track the performance of your content. By using tools like these, you can continually optimize and improve your writing to get even more traction.

In addition to SEO, publishing your story on a well-respected publication can also help boost your views. Medium has a number of top publications that are known for featuring high-quality content and have a large audience.

Some of the top publications on Medium include:

  1. The Startup (764K Followers)
  2. Towards Data Science (648K Followers)
  3. Data Driven Investor (548K Followers)
  4. Better Programming ( 241K Followers)
  5. The Writing Cooperative (241K Followers)

Publishing your story on one of these publications can expose it to a wider audience and increase the chances of it being seen and shared.

To really drive traffic to your blog or content, it’s crucial to create engaging, valuable content that resonates with your audience.

As the famous marketer Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Content is king, but context is god.”



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