My Boss Told Me I Was Stupid

Apr 13 · 7 min read

A tiny bitcoin novelette

“You are stupid!”

Those words fell out his mouth when we had a conversation about bitcoin — and about what was going to happen next with the crypto — what he called was a bubble and a crime scene.

«What? What did you say?», I replied.

«I am smarter than you. Your company totally depends on me and the services I provide, and I can prove it. You shouldn’t say I am stupid. I’m not, though there are things I know nothing about.»

This dispute happened at our afternoon annual X-mas lunch — after a few drinks — in December last year. The conversation kind of shifted as I told him that I wanted a monthly million salary from next year, or I will quit.

«You are stupid», he said once more. «How can you — in your wildest fantasies — claim me to pay you a million salary every month?»

«You are stupid», he continued, «I just told you».

«At the moment you pay me about 2,2 BTC annually», I said. «Right?»

His eyes rolled, when trying to control my numbers.

«I want 10 million Satoshi every month from January next year. No more panic printed paper money anymore. Ten million satoshi is less than you payed me this month».

«I am not sure what Satoshi is — but if it is less than your present salary — then I go for the deal», was his answer and he added.

«Is Satoshi another crypto?»

I explained to him that satoshi was what is on the other side of the comma in the bitcoin universe. The comma is in my mind the most genius part of bitcoin, and also a reminder about the genius who invented it. But everything about cryptocurrency is not so easy to understand always.

«I want my salary only in pure cryptos from now», I said. «I don’t trust that the orange face can handle the present situation — and I believe an economy based on printing more greenbacks or other paper sheets will fail».

He said he believed the Crypto market will collapse, and I will become his lowest payed employee in the end of January. Then he picked his phone out of his pocket, did some calculations and looked at me.

«I can agree to such a deal», he continued and laughed a little.

This ment that I will reduce my income in January by a few percent, unless the BTC prize continued to rise and equalize the difference.

He laughed and said I will cost him nothing on his payroll by summer time.

«I go for that contract. Let us put it on paper on Monday», he finished.

I told him if you are smart you should buy 2 bitcoin now, and secure my income, and your expenses. Unless you do, I am going to ruin you before the summer is here.

He just laughed and said he had never listened to idiots.

«Just drop into my office on Monday and sign the papers. I am the winner of that deal», he continued with a triumphing laughter.

«Good! Then I can prove to you soon that I am not stupid», I said and smiled.

«You are the stupid here», he continued and stretched out his hand for an agreement handshake.

«A deal is a deal», we said in unison and sealed with a handshake.

Today — in the middle of April — I had 0,1 BTC added to my crypto account — just the same way as in the previous three months. I am quite happy with those satoshi every month, and what has happened to become more than a 100% increase in my salary since new year.

A few weeks into January by payday my boss told me he wanted to cancel my new salary plan.

«Ok, you want me to quit?», I replied.

«It is never going to happen», I said. «A deal is a deal. We both took a risk and it was sealed by two hands in the middle of a pandemic. I can’t even remember if we used the dispenser afterwards. Besides, the deal is on paper, too, and signed by the both of us».

«We use the same lawyer. Do you want me to find a new, more expensive?», I added. «You depend on me. I told you I am smarter than you, so you should learn and listen to me».

In February he said nothing, either did he say anything on payday in Mars. Then in the end of Mars I knocked on his door and smiled as I went in — and not to my surprise — he smiled back.

«You have learned», I said.

«Learned? How?», he said when kind of nodding.

«That I am smarter than you?», I continued.

«Well, to some point, yes», he said softly when looking at me and pointing on a seat for me.

«How did you find out I have learned?», he asked.

You see I know how crypto works. I knew — or I took a chance in December — when we wrote the new salary contract.

I have been into the bitcoin world for a while and have learned to observe some patterns. Nothing in this field is more secure than in the rest of the financial world, but in the adoption and acceptance of crypto around there has been some changes. The result is increasing prizes on cryptos, but no guaranties are written. So, we both took a risk.

So far in this setting between us I did make some benefits, and I am quite happy about it. Since my first monthly payout you have been quite happy yourself about the deal only because you took notice of my advice.

«Could it be better?», I asked.

«No, not at all. How did you know?», he asked looking kind of suspicious on me.

«Everything in the bitcoin world is transparent, in opposite to the traditional banking universe», I said.

«I thought you understood I was smarter than you», and I continued, «So I took a check in the ledger».

«How did you get access to the ledger?»

«You don’t have access to the ledger», he continued with a sharpened voice.

«Everyone of us who have a bitcoin address — or a copy of one — have access to the Bitcoin ledger», I replied.

Then I checked the address where my salary came from. I told you I was smarter than you. Now I can prove you do listen to my advices too.

I told you I’ve been into bitcoin for a while, and learned how it actually works. I have access to the ledger between us — as you’ll have — as long as you remember my wallet address.

It has always been a mystery to me how people can throw out anecdotes about bitcoin, only revealing they know nothing about it. You did. I wanted to help you understand how it works. You have learned, and you have earned.

The police and politicians are spreading lies about criminals who use bitcoin to cover crime. Every transaction since the birth of bitcoin is accessible in the ledger. It is easier to follow a transaction on the web than it is in an envelope or a pocket.

Try to ask your bank about the transaction you did to Cayman Island three years ago, when you helped your friend with his shipwreck. They probably tell you they have never heard about that island. They know very well there are no address field on paper money either, so you or them will never know if they have belonged to criminals. And they know where you spend most of your money too.

What is the difference? Knowledge is the key here. Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a part of today and might also be the only part somewhere into the future.

In December you thought or believed you could buy some cheap bitcoins — because you have heard the market will collapse in January — and then start pay me what would be less for both of us.

It did not happen, so you needed to learn. I gave you an advice back then. Instead you insisted I was stupid.

So in January by payday you bought my February salary in addition to the little more expensive January salary you had to buy. And then by the end of the month you bought my salary for the next two years. And you have earned a half year salary for me so far during these three months.

I told you I’m smarter than you. You called me an idiot. I am quite happy with my million salary now, earned only because you called me an idiot.

«Do you still call me an idiot, since I told you how to earn 6 million satoshi in three months?»

«No», he said. «I’ll buy your lunch today. Let’s go before the rest of the office wants to get payed in crypto, too».

«Did you tell them about our deal?», I asked him.

«No», he answered, «I am not that stupid anymore».

We both started laughing, and set out for our favorite lunch bar.

«Have you observed they accept Bitcoin as a payment now?», I asked him.

«Of course I have, I am not blind», he answered.

«Oh, wait a minute. I need to go and pick up my wallet», he said and turned around.

«What? You hold it in your hand», I said.

«Of course, I am still an idiot in between», he said and laughed.

«That’s your words», I said, and we both laughed.

«By the way», I said. «Do you remember the day I had to skip my lunch because I had to go to the dentist in the end of January?»

«Yes, I remember», he said and added, «And I had to pay for your sick leave a couple of hours».

«And I did not need to buy lunch that day», I triumphed.

«Lucky you», he said, «I had lunch with my wife that day. It ended up more expensive for me than your dentist visit»

«Tomorrow I’ll buy your lunch», I said, «In a way it is a free lunch for both of us. Can you imagine how?»

He looked at me a few seconds and before bursting out:

«You! Smart ass, you are. Always ahead. I should have listened to you last year. Damn it. How could I be so stupid».

«So it wasn’t me?», I hummed as we arrived our lunch bar.


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We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.