My Deathly Angst for Dogs

The insecurities that raved our society.



Image of Aba street by Eboh Media- Youtube

Although I left Aba, Nigeria a very long time ago, my memories of this boisterous city where I was born and raised are still remarkable as ever.

One memory that is still vivid and which gives me goosebumps occasionally despite the passage of time is when a dog gave me a chase.

I didn’t grow up loving or hating dogs, because we never had one. My family had cats as pets but dogs were quite popular in the ’90s. Houses with gated fences, signs of “beware of dogs” left my child’s mind curious and wishing we had dogs.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

We lived in a little street off a major road in Aba. This part of the town was considered the suburbs of Aba, the new town of the city replacing the ruggedness of the old town.

If you haven’t been to Nigeria and any of its major cities, sadly I cannot explain the beauty in the chaos of its environs. You have to experience this, it does leave an unforgettable mark in your memories.

Like many cities, Aba had the poor, the middle class, and the rich. We all shared the same insecurities and poor infrastructures. You mostly found dog…