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Not what you’d expect

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I love a good Mystery Story. At school, in seventh grade, I picked up Sherlock Holmes from the library. It was my first novel — Yep, I wasn’t much of a reader before that, because I considered myself to be a director. In the school corridors, I would tell the lead actress to board a ship and then, another girl who was a thief would run away with the actress’s luggage. It would soon turn into a car chase then, they would somehow end up in a different country.

So, my point is I was an avid reader, a consumer of fiction, a silly director but not a writer. Although I wrote a few stories here and there, I wasn’t serious about it. It all changed in 2020, I had too much time on my hands. In the beginning, I spent all of it reading detective fiction. I didn’t want to write but somehow I always wanted to be a writer. Weird, yes.

Anyways, one day I began writing and I just couldn’t stop. I hated what I wrote. I thought I was at a disadvantage for being a non-native speaker. But then, I know I am really good at making excuses. So, I stopped listening to that voice and began writing.

First Novel

Like all newbies, I started writing a novel and soon enough I realised it was damn hard. But I pushed through, wrote every day and now it’s almost complete.


With my first book, I was afraid of what people would say so I wrote it under a pen name. Yes, The thought of readers hating my work terrifies me. But I also know that, in the past, when I was vulnerable and doubted myself — I worked harder, made fewer mistakes, and learned quickly. So, I decided I will put my work here where anyone can read it, anyone can comment on it. It’s what I need right now.

Are you really thinking before voting?

So, here I am writing fiction and non-fiction. This is my first short story, it’s a tale of elections and deceptions, which takes place in an alternate universe, where Covid-19 doesn’t exist but an AI does. It’s also about a young girl, who is voting for the first time and a politician who is determined to win by hook or crook.

The Curse of the Blue Diamonds

This is my second short story. This is a very simple detective story. I bet anyone can solve it. Why don’t you try?

I really love writing about places I’ve never visited, it does mean I’d make mistakes, write cliches. It also means that I will work harder trying not to.

I’m looking forward to learning from my mistakes. That’s the point of writing on Medium, isn’t it?

Finally, I think ILLUMINATION is a great publication. Thank you for the Fiction Club.



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