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My heart cries a river!

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

When the Vale was green
And the mountains lush,
When streams were clear
And didn’t carry all that slush;

When the lights glimmered
Like stars in the sky,
And did not, with wear and overuse
Struggle to stay on, then simply die;

When flowers grew on hillsides
In gay abandon,
When the corpse of our callousness
The highlands did not carry as a burden;

When trees stood tall guarding
And guiding our paths and highway,
When birds lived in them
Telling us the time, and the
Way in which the wind would sway;

Photo by Oliver on Unsplash

When dogs had streets to run
And were not run over on,
When there were avenues people could amble along
Be it night, noon or a bustling morn;

When roads were meant to be driven upon
And had not turned into parking places,
When shops lay apart
From where our houses were
And between them were vast spaces;

When we laboured to build
So as, in them, to live a life,
And not having built a monstrosity
To carry it on our shoulder like a strife;

When we tended and cared
To leave a world in which we grew,
Alas, not to tell fables ’bout birds
And bees, and the fauna and trees
For there were left only a few;

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

When we taught our children
The worth of values, respect and duty,
When we had the time to sit with them
And behold the universe in all its beauty;

When we dreamed of a future
And of a bright tomorrow,
When we didn’t kill our today
With greed and filled it with sorrow;

When we cared for all around
And lived in a state of harmony,
And not having plundered and looted
And ravaged, began to rewrite our own destiny;

My heart bleeds and weeps for the
World we’ve left behind,
Have we burned and buried it so deep
That those wondrous times we will never find!

Photo by Redd on Unsplash




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