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My Life Is A Leaning Tower

A Poem

Author Photo: Mia Verita at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

My life is a leaning tower
slinking slowly in the sand
much like the tower in Pisa
built upon marshy land

In true Romanesque style
I was designed for an era bygone
It’s hard to reconcile
structurally what went wrong

Beams supporting me
sink into the marsh
slowly bearing down on
every column, every arch

I rely upon my walls
to shield from pressure’s goad
They lean until they fall
from an unbalanced load

14,000 metric tons
of pressure upon my shoulders
blocking out the sun
Still hope burns and smolders

Galileo was baptized within me
I was immersed in every word
but my walls climbed infinity
His wisdom, I no longer heard

My sacred burial ground surrounds
from my own Golgotha crusades
8 stories high of history abounds
from another time and another age

I climbed my spiral staircase
twirled with twists and turns
my life’s passage, a dizzying maze
of mistakes and lessons learned

No clear path is paved ahead
not well rounded or protected
I hang my head, because I made my bed
from falling arches of circles dissected

Set upon a square of miracles
but none could save me still
My experiences real and empirical,
all logic tumbles down hill

Deep within the sunken earth
somehow I’m still connected
I rise upon my soul’s rebirth
I fall and am resurrected




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Mia Verita

Mia Verita


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