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Namaste! is a way of greeting in my country. Thank you for stumbling upon my writer’s profile. I had not expected to be selected as a writer for a publication here. But I am glad I did. I hope to deliver the content that the followers of this page are looking for. I have been on Medium since May 2020 and I am not regretting a single bit of my decision of opening an account here. This is Bharvi Dani, an undergraduate Economics student in college.

This is me. Image by the author

I am from India, and have resided in three cities until now in my life. I hope to travel more and explore more cities as well. I love to read, write and listen. My friends seem to rant before me every now and then, I then become their advisor as well. Books, podcasts and movies are what gets me going. Also in the past I have done various content writing internships, where some of them were economic research based and aligned with my field of study as well. Currently, I work as a freelancer at a creative content writing agency. Apart from that I run a personal blog on BLOGGER and write short stories on WATTPAD as well.

Looking forward to an exciting experience ahead, with lot to learn, a room to grow and follow up on.



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