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Netflix Alert: The Forty-Year-Old Version A Must Watch

A new, old school hip hop gender twist on a midlife crisis story

Official Poster From Netflix

The Forty-Year-Old Version’s title is a play off the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin — but it’s nothing like the Steve Carell film. This beautiful Netflix film was written and directed by Radha Blank and she, Lena…




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Richard Papen #1 Dark Academia Fanboy

The Griffin McElroy “I also want a sword” meme edited so it says “I also want to push Bunny Corcoran off a Cliff”. The rest of the meme has a bunch of graphics hastily thrown on top, including an etching of a greek philosopher bust bust edited so he’s wearing glasses, an etching of man smoking, an etching of some books, a martini glass and and a person wearing a plaid dress, beret and carrying some books. Griffin also has been edited to have a graphic of a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.


I Workshopped A Thing

Jazzie Belle of ‘Women in Hip Hop Podcast’: Inspiring Women to Break Barriers in a Male-Dominated…

As Midsummer rounded this year, I was deep in rehearsals for As You Like It with the Portland…

Brush with God

Plans and the Future

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