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New Book Announcement!

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I’ve just published a new book: Who Killed the Mayor? and I’m excited to share it with you all!
The ebook is available for free and I hope you will take a look and share it with your circles.

Book Description:

In a peaceful fishing village, Peter Polanski and Henry Stone meet General Grant, their friend from Scotland yard.

General Grant tells them that he is in the village to protect Mayor Reuben Astwell who is on a vacation with his friends and family.

When Mayor Reuben Astwell is killed, the world-renowned private detective Peter Polanski faces one of his biggest cases.


The book is written from the perspective of Henry Stone. Henry is a children’s book writer and detective Peter Polanski’s friend. He couldn’t publish the case of Mayor in 1947 because of certain political reasons, But as he grows older he decides to publish the book anyway and let the world know what happened to Mayor Reuben Astwell on June 21st, 1947.

Your feedback is valuable

If you read the book, write a review! Reviews help me in understanding how I can improve my writing.

Click here to read the book: Who Killed the Mayor?
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