NewsBreak Suspended My Account and I’m More Than Happy

I don't know why

Abhi Thakur
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3 min readApr 7, 2022


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So it finally happened.

NewsBreak suspended my account and I am glad it did.

Ever since I started publishing articles on NewsBreak, I have tried hard to generate impressions. Before I shifted to writing on international news, I tried republishing my Medium articles on the platform, but none of them were accepted (except for one).

So ultimately, I had to settle down on covering news, which the platform intended for me to do.

I started collecting news from top media publishers and sharing it in my own words on NewsBreak.

It went better than I expected. I was getting thousands of impressions on my articles, lots of comments, likes, and followers.

But suddenly my eighth article received a strike, and the reason was using an individual’s image, which I didn’t notice until I received the second strike for the same reason.

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The second strike meant my account was suspended for a week. I couldn’t write or edit or publish during this period.

I was seriously annoyed.

I mean, how am I supposed to write about a personality if I can’t even use his/her photo? Do I have to mail them to ask for their permission so I can use their image?

That’s insane.

I decided I would not write again on NewsBreak.

A few days later, when my account was about to be reinstated, my silly mind thought of writing again on NewsBreak.

So I started writing, but this time it was like walking on the edge of a sword. Just one more strike means my account will be terminated forever.

Anyways, I managed to publish 12 articles and gained over 250 followers on NewsBreak. My account wasn’t monetized yet because it needed 100 registered followers while I only had 74 at the time.

Everything was working well until the fear I had in mind proved to be true.

I received a third strike on my 13th article and had my account terminated.

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But this time, the reason wasn’t the use of an individual’s image. It was something else that they didn’t tell us.

I appealed to them to learn about the reason, and it’s been a week, but I didn’t receive any response from them.

It kind of feels bad as I was so close to my 100 registered followers and monetizing my account. But everything went in vain.

On the positive side, I’m happy I don’t have to spend extra time on writing news, which was boring.

Well, that’s how my NewsBreak journey came to an end. Tell me yours!

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