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No Gimmick : NFT Stories Worth Reading Right Now

People are beginning to use cryptocurrency (also known as digital currency) as an additional or even primary source of money in their daily lives as the cryptocurrency trend continues to grow.

Cryptocurrency price volatility can cause large spikes in profit and loss.

Along with the development of cryptocurrencies, there is also the development of Non-Fungible Tokens, which are tokens based on digital works (NFT).

Undoubtedly, NFT is the most popular trend in the crypto community today.

From celebrities to leading companies, everyone is planning to launch their NFT works.

But not all NFTs are of equal value, some are expensive and some are not. The following are the types of NFT and how to sell them.

1. Original Digital Art

By far the most valuable and sought-after NFT tokens are individually created digital artworks.

It is determined by the work’s popularity and uniqueness. A digital work by an artist named Beeple was the first and most expensive NFT. This work, which was first announced on February 16, 2021, has already sold for US$ 69 million, or Rp. 983 billion, in March 2021.

Digital artwork can take the form of images, animations, or anything else with aesthetic value.

If you want to make NFT in the form of digital artwork, keep reading until the end ! At the end of the discussion, we’ll go over how to sell NFT.

2. Antiques and collectibles

Collectibles are frequently tokenized in the NFT Cryptocurrency ecosystem. Companies that offer physical collectibles like trading cards can now sell them digitally as well.

Because NFT is rare, the price of digital collectibles might be substantially higher than the original goods.

The most popular sort of licensed NFT collectible is by far sports cards. The NBA’s (National Basketball Association) NFT card set was also recently launched.

Other sports organizations may follow suit and release their own NFTs, which collectors can purchase.

3. Video Games

NFT tokens based on video games are becoming more popular and have a strong chance of growing in the future.

Game producers with a large following can use this chance to launch and sell NFT tokens associated with their games. This can take the form of things, characters, or something else.

Roblox is an example of a popular NFT video game.

How to Make Money Selling NFTs ?

NFT is not just a new cryptocurrency trend, but it also has a lot of promise in the field of digital commerce.

How can you sell digital artwork for a profit if you already have it? Let’s have a look at the explanation below.

A. Explain what blockchain is.

The very first step in creating and selling NFTs is to define a blockchain. BSC (Binance Smart-Chain), Ethereum (ERC-20, ERC-721), EOS, and other forms of NFT blockchains are available on the cryptocurrency network.

In the realm of NFTs, Ethereum’s ERC-721 network is the most popular.

B. Select a sales platform

You can use marketplace platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, Mintable, and others.

Opensea has recently become very popular for selling digital an art work.

C. Make use of a cryptocurrency wallet

The final step is to create a cryptocurrency wallet based on the blockchain you selected earlier. Then link it to the marketplace platform where you sell digital artwork.

Assume you create a piece of digital art based on ERC-721. Then you must create an ethereum wallet and connect it to the Opensea market.

When you sell your NFT token, the proceeds will be transferred directly to your Ethereum wallet. These are the various types of NFT and how to profit from them. NFT gives everyone the chance to own a valuable piece of digital art.

Furthermore, NFT aids in the development of digital currencies. Good luck at work!

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