Nope, I Don’t Want To Read Your Writing

Now What

Anna Klawitter


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You start off hopeful.

You start off with big dreams.

Your ego says: of course, people want to read what I write. Of course, people want to hear what I have to say.

You quickly realize this is not the case. No one has the time to sit through your poorly expressed thoughts, however cleverly crafted you may think them to be.

No one cares.

Absolutely no one.

So, you fall into the spiral of pity and self-deprecation. You stop writing. Your stats aren’t high enough. No one is responding.

Then comes the question.


A loud, resounding why that echos into the furthest parts of your being.

Maybe I don’t express my thoughts the MOST clearly. (Ha! That sentence isn’t even grammatically correct.) Maybe I don’t have many fully original thoughts or ideas. Maybe everything I have to say has been said before.

But, surely someone out there cares enough to read the way I have to say things and the different perspectives I bring to the table.

If you still believe that; if you still think someone wants to read what you write just because: you’re a wannabe writer.



Anna Klawitter

Writing style? No one cares. Write so they choose to.