‘Now’ is The Only Time That Matters

Sagrika Oberoi
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2 min readApr 26, 2024


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We often postpone our happiness for the future. we swing between regretting the past, all that didn’t go right, and the future, worrying about things that could possibly go wrong.

With this in mind, we never really enjoy the present moment which is all we have.

All our lives we keep waiting for that right moment to live, chasing one thing after the other. having never really lived.

where do you think this game ends?

Do you guarantee your next second on this planet?

Well! none of us can.

All we can do is make the most of our time. do our duty to full capacity and leave the rest to him( the supreme controller).

As you read this, imagine yourself on a deathbed, with all your loved ones friends, family, and children by your side. you look at everything, all your life’s treasures, the accumulated wealth, friendships, and family, with teary eyes.

Everything now seems futile to you because all those investments and dollars in the bank account can’t buy you a single breath. it can’t save you from the clutches of death. Time is your most valuable asset we realize this when we don't have enough.

Your time on this planet is limited. you need to prioritize how you spend it.

“The trouble is you think you’ve time”. — Buddha

It’s a reminder to all those who think happiness lies somewhere in the future. seize the present moment and make ‘Now’ the primary focus of your life.

Ending with a quote for you to ponder upon

Trade money for time, not time for money. you’re going to run out of time first. — Naval Ravikant



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