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Obsolescence of the current education system

One thing to keep in mind though; the deeper the roots of a system in society (effect of an extended period of time), the longer it will take for change to happen. The banking system and the education system are two great examples.

It was good before…

I am talking about basic schooling here, and not higher knowledge provided by universities where upper-class families still had an advantage over poorer families. But this gets us to the intrinsic nature of socio-economics; services that require more time, experience, and efforts are by default more expensive.


… But not anymore!

The internet and its mainstream adoption marked the beginning of the end for the education system as we know it.


Let's consider the job of a travel agent.

Both graphs shown below are some of many exhibiting that forming and strengthening brain circuits (learning a new skill, a new language,…) is optimal at a younger age.


Some of the best examples are open online course providers such as Coursera and Udemy having users amounting to 77 million and 35 million in 2020 respectively (not all their users are school/university students but the stats given are a representation of the growing technology adoption), and companies offering videotelephony tools such as Zoom, Google meet and Microsoft teams who saw their usage grow exponentially.

But then in 2019, the world got hit with the Covid pandemic, or — what the great Nassim Nicholas Taleb would call — a “white Swan”.

What I am saying is that students need to see and talk to each other, what I am not saying is that they need to be present physically.




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