Odd Versus Even: The Prime Number Of Systemic Racism And What We Can Do About It.

Talent Is Even, And Opportunity Is Odd.

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
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5 min readJun 12, 2021


“A plan is an ideal. A plan is not a blueprint.”

My #GranPa

I have always prided myself on being a (mad) man with a plan. Yet often, I have learned after many personal and professional failures that I can change plans.

A plan is an ideal to aim for. If I grow if I acquire new information, I can change my plan.

There is no shame in that.


Often at work, I will try to discuss systemic racism. Often I feel like I am ignored.

Sometimes people pay attention just to be able to argue back.

As we are having this discussion, I try to share my feelings.

Being in an environment where my skin color, cultural background, and life journey differ from most colleagues can be a daily challenge.

As I discussed with another colleague, working in the same company is like being in the same storm.

Yes, we are not in the same boat.

My boat is filled with grit and resilience. My boat is a small pirogue carved on the shores of Dakar, Senegal.

Most of my colleagues have speedboats with more horsepower than some countries’ GDP — Gross Domestic Product.

And often feel like they don’t understand why I am so agitated by the storm while enjoying their smooth ride in their shiny boats.

My journey from the shores of Dakar to Toulouse, France, is about building grit and breathing resilience.

Being far from my family, grit, and resilience were often my only companions on the darkest winter days in France.


In France, life is all about bubbles.

No, I am not talking about those magic bubbles in the finest Champagne wine.



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