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On Company Culture: How To Improve Your Employees’ Well-Being At The Workplace

Let’s discuss the importance of nurturing company culture and try to outline some useful guidelines and tips.

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How does great company culture benefit both the leaders and the employees

How can a CEO improve their company’s work culture

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  • hire professionals who perform an outstanding job so that you can get rid of micromanagement. Micromanagement ain’t cool.
  • be an advocate for an uplifting mood when at the office
  • express empathy when an employee is struggling and offer a day off — they’d appreciate it forever
  • try to be consistent with your employees’ expectations — avoid changing work goals every three days since that’s incredibly frustrating
  • don’t forget to be clear and to the point when assigning tasks. Remember that scene in “Devil wears Prada” when Miranda Priestly was like: “Buy that coffee table I saw in that magazine last Tuesday.” (I’m paraphrasing.) Don’t do that. Unless you are Meryl Streep. Then you can do whatever.
  • engage with your employees in mutual fun activities — just recently my team and I went on a bowling game. Last week we had a Sweet Thursday with cakes and cupcakes. Heck, I’m even considering turning “Formal Mondays” into a thing since every day is informal at the office — what if someone wants to dress like Gatsby or Anna Karenina?
  • respect your employees’ boundaries — imagine having an introvert in your team. Would you expect them to go to a karaoke party and grab the mic? Make sure each member of your team feels comfortable on their own terms.
  • nurture an informal way of communication — if someone on my team calls me Mr. Popov just even once, I’ll be cringing till the end of time!

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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of vipe studio. still running marathons though.