One PEACE To Rule Them All!

3. A as Adaptation

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I used to think I could sprinkle my attention and focus on many projects at a time and, back in my mind, believe that it would all come to fruition.

Does it sound familiar?

What was the outcome? Always the same. I failed both the projects and the people involved.

Why is it that nine people can not deliver a baby in one month?

Read below to find out more.

The key to success in every enterprise is finding the master PEACE, holding all the pieces together.

1. P as Persistence

Most successful people have failed more than they have succeeded. That is also shared with many people who did not achieve their goals in life because they threw the towel at some point in their lives.

Yet persistence in the wrong path will not lead to success.

What differentiates the successful persistent people from the unsuccessful ones?

2. E as Experimentation

The second piece of the puzzle is experimentation. If you want to be successful, you must be ready to test your idea in real life. You must put it into existence through experimentation.

Like a baby who learns how to sit, crawl, and finally walk, trial by error is critical to ensuring you are on the right path.

Does this experimentation guarantee success?

3. A as Adaptation

We must adapt the experimentation based on the output to go further on the right path.

As the saying goes: “Garbage in, garbage out.

As we go through the experience, we must be ready to use the output in the real world and adapt our path toward our ultimate goal.

What are the goal changes, in this mad world?

4. C as Consistency

We have one ultimate goal if we are clear on what we want to achieve in this world. You may call it your life mission or your vision.



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