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One Picture That Sums It All Up

Life. Decisions. Opportunities

Illustration representing past, present, and future

What, How, When, and Where

Today, I came across a picture when I was reading one of my favorite newsletters, The Curiosity Chronicle by Sahil Bloom.

My other favorite newsletter is warikoo wanderings by Ankur Warikoo, one of my favorite YouTubers. I don’t know why but I felt like mentioning it.

Although the picture in itself says enough, and more, about itself, I’d like to write a short post on it. I’ve read:

“On what you write gets deep ingrained in your brain.”

And I’d definitely like for my brain to keep remembering it every now and then.

Well, there’s one more reason for sharing this: I cannot resist sharing it just because of its simplicity and depth. Isn’t it enough?

Can’t we call it the “Picture of the Month”? It’s definitely one for me.

So, this picture is taken from Tim Urban’s tweet who goes by the username @waitbutwhy on Twitter.

Interestingly though, when I was typing @waitbut… I saw @waitbutwhy is Tim Urban’s Medium username too. Wait But Why. But it has got only one article. Sadly.

The Past

It’s one of the most powerful depictions of why we should not keep regretting our past actions—we can’t change it anyway.

We lost opportunities. To procrastination. To our fear. To our ego.

We have maybe traversed the path we ought not. There may be regrets. Hope-turned-disappointments.

But, for sure, they’re not enough of a reason to spend all of our time on. They’re certainly not.

The Future

Full of opportunities. Like a fertile plowed land waiting to be sown. Crops will grow. We will certainly reap, but only if we sow now.

The Future depends on the Present. Not the Past.

We have infinite options, infinite opportunities to shape it as we want. And we should be thankful for this. Shouldn’t we?

For all we might have done wrong, we have been provided with a second chance. To correct it. To make it epic.

Let’s do this!

This picture is full of hope and more than that, reality. On that note, bye and take care. See you soon.

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