Our Last Stand… or rather Run-And-Hide

A sleep short story about battling an unbeatable foe in a strange land

Rebecca Ahn
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4 min readApr 28


Photo by George Becker on Pexels

The whole village was under attack.

At first, we didn’t know by who or what. We just sensed it coming. A darkness was growing on the horizon and the earth had begun to shake. Tension and foreboding hung in the air as we ran around trying to make sure everything was secured and ready for the impending storm.

But it was more than just a storm. There was violence in the air. I don’t know how else to describe it. Fires burst and began to spread without explanation or logic. We tried our best to prevent them by blowing out any candles and lanterns still lit in our houses. I ran up to a lantern hanging outside one house and was just about to blow it out when it burst in a fiery explosion and set the whole house aflame, knocking me backward. I grabbed a heavy blanket and threw it over the flames, barely managing to stomp it out.

But it wasn’t the only one. Fires were springing up left and right, and we were like headless chickens in a rotisserie oven choking through the smoky heat, frantically trying to minimize the damage.

Then we saw it on the horizon, marching towards us.

Suddenly we knew who it was and what they were coming for. It was him. With his entire army. Coming to destroy us.

We began running around boarding up our houses and grabbing any weapons we could find. The violence escalated and darkness thickened as we fought with everything we had against the evil now filling every inch of our town. But it was no use. His forces were too powerful and people were already dropping like flies.

Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels

Soon there were only four of us left.

We knew we stood no chance. So we decided to hide. We still had our spaceship. And while it couldn’t fly right now, we knew it was still secure. Or at least the closest thing to secure we had now.

So the four of us ran to our ship as quickly as we could, closing and sealing up the entrance behind us. Then we watched in agony…



Rebecca Ahn

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