The Now Was Never An Option

Meet the non-present mindset

Domagoj Vidovic
Mar 24 · 3 min read
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For some of us, this situation might be hard. We want things back to normal really hard.

We don’t like what’s going on around us and praise the time when we could live without the masks. We act like our fulfillment is completely dependant on the pre-pandemic life.

But just to remind you — you had many issues in that time too, right? You had all the opportunities of this world; yet, you waited for something else.

Present was rarely a great option. You wanted just the future. And when that future arrived; well, you wanted the new future.

Everything except the now.

Pandemic Will End, But Will You Change?

Not living in this moment is a mindset that doesn’t depend on external situations.

We can spend time on a wonderful holiday on the tropical islands, without any obligations; however, we can be completely stressed and think about the upcoming future, running away from the present.

On the other side, we can just have a short walk in the nearby park and experience the moments of absolute fulfillment. Moments of the presence; moments of the now.

If you were somebody how was constantly chasing something else and rarely fulfilled with the present moment, why do you think something will change?

At this moment, you idealize the after-pandemic life; like all your problems will be solved. Let me tell you the truth: the pandemic will end, but you’ll quickly find new problems.

Being In Control Of Your Life

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” — Seth Godin

Seth’s wonderful quote can be applied to every second of this life. Anything that happens now is a life we shouldn’t escape from; everything else is a holiday.

If we enjoy the now, we don’t need specific holidays. Every day is a holiday for us.

The world is rapidly changing, and it will continue to do so. Today is the pandemic, in 5 years it will be something else. How about in 10, 12, 15 years?

A lot of changes will happen around us. We don’t have to label them as good or bad — just as changes. Let’s enjoy our world; let’s observe and accept the changes.

If we decide to feel bad because of external situations, we gave up our control of life. We can’t tell if we’ll be fulfilled tomorrow — it depends on the other people’s actions.

How To Gain That Control

There are two ways of living a life — complaining about everything, and being grateful for everything.

We’re all somewhere between those two spots. We should be aligned more to gratefulness.

You’re exposed to a huge number of things every day. Some things annoy you— can you identify them?

Write them down. Start to think and write — why are you grateful for them? What good can you find in them?

It might be a bit strange at first — how can you be grateful for something that annoys you so much?

But the reason it annoys you is your current perspective, which is highly subjective and flexible. At this moment, you’re focused only on the bad characteristics— and you get the same in return.

Focusing on positivity will shift your perception. Magical layers will appear, and suddenly, things will start to change.

We already have everything we want and need — we only have to look at it from a different angle.

Can’t Find Anything Satisfying?

You’re trying so hard, but you just can’t find anything positive for a certain thing or situation. Great — the time has come to reject it from your life!

We all repeatedly do stuff we don’t want to. Most of the time, we’re not even aware of it. Let this be an opportunity to get rid of it.

Focus on the positivity of situations; reject the negativity. Watch the world around you becoming magical.

The world is still the same; the external situations too. But you are different; your wonderful mindset too. And life suddenly becomes a miraculous journey.


We curate outstanding articles from diverse domains and…

Domagoj Vidovic

Written by

London-based Frontend engineer and writer. I write about tech, success, and life |


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

Domagoj Vidovic

Written by

London-based Frontend engineer and writer. I write about tech, success, and life |


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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