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Patience Is Needed For You To Know How To Create Your Dream Life

Prophecies say this period of great turmoil and upheaval is an opportunity

Create Your Dream Life — Photo by Jaime Handley on Unsplash

Have you found yourself wondering about the current state of affairs:

  • What can be done?
  • Can there be a bright future for ourselves or even the coming generations?

My answer to myself and everyone is — Yes of course there is and much we can do to help create it!

Patience Is Needed To Create Your Dream Life

Yesterday I was talking to a client about her sovereignty, exercising her power to be leader of her own life. To receive rather than to always give.

When we do so we are following our soul’s calling. Recognising we are unique and so being who we are in our own unique way.

This is how we live a fulfilling life of true prosperity. It was the invitation for all of us when we chose to incarnate.

The invitation certainly was not to be in an emotional and mental challenging life of pain, pursuing artificial distractions and idolising false gods.

Society´s mantra “faster is better” continues to influence our lives. With the result we struggle with patience.

The belief continues that working harder will make life and what we desire happen more quickly.

Whereas the truth is, no amount of pushing against Divine time is going to accelerate the result we desire. Rather, it is usually quite the opposite. When we push too hard, trying to control the expected outcome and timing, we run the risk of burnout.

For we are confirming we do not trust the process of creation and the opportunity it will provide. Maybe even preferring the adrenaline and cortisol rushes stress gives us? Albeit often at the cost of our own health and sustainability.

Most of us have yet to learn to be calm, rest, create and to patiently wait for the opportune moment. Instead of being the leader of your own life, we prefer to validate and value “busy-ness”.

It is similar with the mantra thinking positive thoughts guarantees there will be just the outcome you desire. Have good, happy thoughts and you will enjoy a good, happy outcome. Continue with your negative thinking and that will be the outcome.

Life Is About Birth, Death And Everything In Between

Many portray this as the essential formula for creating success, finding a soul mate, generating more money, the perfect diet, the only way to meditate etc., etc.. Follow the formula and you will succeed.

Over my years of coaching, many have followed “the formula” and still not achieved the results they hoped for. Others, have followed the formula, experienced success and then lack of success has loomed again as their own identity is lost.

Each member of humanity is unique, so how can any formula provide the same result for each of us?

The evolution of our life is not linear, it ebbs and flows through the challenges and cycles which create growth. There is always birth, death and everything in between.

Expect “adventures” rather than life working out the way you imagined on your Vision board.

Why? Because they will provide the evolution your soul desires.

According to the prophecies of the Maya, Hopi, Inka and other native peoples, we are at a pivot point in human evolution. A period of great turmoil and upheaval in which a new species of human will give birth to itself.

We are going to take a quantum leap into what we are becoming.

The exact form will be set by the actions you take to create your own dream life. Hence the need for patience to allow yourself to feel and discover its form for you.

As I know, we often need to be in the shadow to feel our light. Remembering we chose to be here because it offers us an unparalleled opportunity to evolve. For it is here the mystery and miracle of alchemy resides.

The very best moment for evolution and growth, to see over the horizon is when life is not working at all well!

Course Correction Necessary To Create Your Dream Life?

The stationing of Neptune during the recent new moon in Cancer makes this lunar cycle ideal for taking action on whatever dreams and inspired revelations have been emerging for you.

July as a whole is an important month to take charge of your life.

The coming full super moon in Capricorn asking the question — “Are you on course or have you drifted off somewhere?” This is to help you create your dream life.

It is especially important to take action Now on every aspect you desire to progress because beginning in September, life will begin to slow down as challenges appear from then until the end of 2022.

The more patience you have to cultivate your dream, the more you access the energy of momentum and the capacity to be grateful. To allow yourself to never settle for less.

Ensure you have patience enough to pause to allow your body to catch up after the increasing speed of the transformation itself and so re-connect with the magic of your soul.

Having a dream helps call you forward to something better when the adventures arrive.

To Allowing Patience To Create Your Dream Life


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aka the Shamanic CEO, I am a Creator and International Best-Selling Author. My passion is using my skills and wisdom to inspire those who have what the world deems as “success” and yet their life does not feel free or fulfilled.

To assist you to accelerate your life by shifting your beliefs about being the Master Of Your Life, download a copy of my latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life”.

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