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People Don’t Like You For How Much Money You Have

Don’t make money to impress others.

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Do you want to own a Lamborghini?

Well, yeah! It’s every man’s dream to drive a Lamborghini.

What about a Rolex watch?

Sure, I want that too.

But why do you want them?

Because they will make me look cool, and people will see me as a high-value man.

If you want to become wealthy and own expensive stuff — thinking that people will like you — you are in for disappointment.

I was reading a few chapters of The Psychology of Money this morning. In Chapter 8, the author describes the man in the car paradox.

He says,

“No one is impressed with your possessions as much as you are.”

When you showcase your expensive possessions to other people, you believe that they like and admire you for the things you own. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

People couldn’t care less about the things you own. Sure, they will see that you are rich. But they won’t see you as someone to look up to. Instead, they will compare their possessions with yours and maybe think, “why don’t I have that.”

Of course, everyone will not feel the same way. Some will care, and some won’t.

But the point is that we are under the false impression that wealth is the determining factor for liking and admiring a person.

It is similar to men thinking that if they are rich, any girl will go out with them. Unless she is a gold digger, I don’t think any decent girl sees how much money a guy has before she decides to go out with him. (Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Becoming rich will not get you the respect and admiration you think people will give you, especially not from the people you want.

At first, I thought it wasn’t true. Who wouldn’t respect a rich person?

But as I began to think, I understood what the author meant.

People might admire you when you are around. They will say,

  • You have such a fantastic car.
  • Cool watch.
  • That suit looks terrific on you.

Some will be jealous too.

But that doesn’t mean they respect you. Sure, they appreciate your wealth. But they are thinking about their own desire to be liked and admired if they were rich.

If you want to earn respect and admiration as a person, being rich is not the solution.

Instead, what you want to have is humility, kindness, and empathy.

People respect you for who you are, not what you own. To gain respect, you must:

  • respect others
  • stick to your word
  • do the right thing
  • help, motivate, and inspire others
  • add value to people’s lives

So, don’t spend your hard-earned money buying expensive stuff to impress people. You will lose your money and won’t even get the respect and admiration you want.

Thanks for reading.



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