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People Judge You On The Base of Two Things

How to make a better impression on others

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The two things which make our society judge us are your warmth and your competency. It’s the typical stereotype content model. According to the model if you portray or illustrate yourself as being warm, sincere, pleasant, loving, cheerful, for instant non-competitive and friendly. People will feel like they can trust you, then if you also see, competent, for an instant if you perform well at your job and you have a good vocabulary. People are more likely to respect you.

According to psychologists at Harvard, it’s more important to show warmth first and then competence, especially in a business setting or your battlefield. You may have the seek, but why do we have to do so? — Because from an evolutionary perspective, as we are evolving it's more important to survive, to know whether you can trust someone and they won’t kill you or berate you rather than whether they are good at hunting or betraying. It’s because if you’re perceived as being very talented at what you do, then you’re trusted and accepted. However, for being trusted, competency is second in the priority to your warmth.

So let more of your warmth shine through!



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