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People won’t always like you. And that’s ok.

It’s hard. The hardest lesson really. It’s easy saying to someone, be true to your authentic self. It’s much, much harder walking that path.

The Sun Rising Summary And Analysis”, by Shahroz

We all, and I mean everyone, want to be liked. Even you and I, friend, reading this now. We want to be liked for how we look, how we dress, how we act and, most especially, for how we feel.

Imagine lying to everyone, every day. It’s probably not a terribly difficult thing to do.

At first, the lies come easy, when the lies you tell are small and easy to remember. Over time, the lies grow and so does the darkness at remembering them. The stress gnaws at you from the inside out. That pain is real. It rips at you like a caged beast.

You suffer, silently, those scratches and bloody bruises inside.

So I ask, let that beast play. Let it roar in dark and quiet places. Let it walk free in the sun. Greet it warmly as a friend whom you haven’t seen in long days. Free from the chains, you made, that held it fast.

Make that beast your first friend.

Be true to yourself, not because I told you, but because the lies you keep are of your own making.



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Walter Reid

Walter Reid


I write for the uplifters, the engagers, and the passionate. My alter egos alter ego.