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Philippines Reports Big Recovery for COVID-19 in a Single Day Jump to 38,075 — DOH

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The Philippines on Thursday reported the highest recovery in a single day with the total number of 38,075. It’s the Highest Recoveries since the pandemic (COVID-19) start four (4) months ago.

DOH - said it include mid asymptomatic cases, reinforcing its assertion that the government is winning against the coronavirus pandemic with a total recovery of 65,064 almost double since Wednesday.

The number shows the highest recoveries in south east Asia. But still the 2nd most Confirmed cases in the region with a total number of confirmed case of 89,374 after 3,954 were added to the cumulative tally and 23 new fatalities/death record bringing of 1,983 confirmed death according to latest bulletin data record of DOH.

“This was the result of a Mass Recovery Adjustment, which Include the mild asymptomatic symptoms recoveries after 14 days on isolation period” — DOH said.

“The Current recovery policies now show that at the 10th day of illness, the risk of transmitting the virus to other people is significantly reduced. This clinical studies recovery protocol is followed by the US Center for Disease Prevention (CDC), European CDC, and India,” according to DOH,

“Upon assessment of a licensed physician, the patient can be pronounced as a recovered patient after completion of 14 days in isolation area, for mild and asymptomatic patients.” DOH

Indonesia still the highest cases in South East Asia with a total number of 106,336 confirmed cases. Singapore is 3rd with a total confirmed of 51,809, and Malaysia with a total confirmed case of 8964, Thailand 3304, Vietnam 509, Myanmar 353, Cambodia 234, Brunei 141,and East Timor with an unconfirmed case.

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