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Please Fall in Love With Life Again

A new perspective of pacing and enjoying the world again

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Being away from home for a long time can really make a gap between you and the place that you used to love. Sometimes, it would feel like it’s only just a mere memory — it’s not really there, it was just an image in your head, like a dream that you had only once.

Going back home can sometimes feel like a dream as well.

Home for me has always been a place of comfort and peace. And yes, I have been away from home for a long time. I have lived in the city since I was in college and I only visit when I have a school break or spare time.

Those years of not staying home created a gap in my heart. But I have never forgotten the life that I used to live — that even within the gap in my heart, I still have the fondest memory and love for the place I grew up in.

Longing for adventure

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Some of us may be in the same situation countless times. Leaving has never been easy, but I also was never one to stay.

People said that millennials are more adventurous — I think because we are always longing for something new. May it be in career, relationship, or other big decisions in life. Millennials always change their minds.

The same goes for me, I am always looking for adventure. Just like what Belle said in Beauty and the Beast, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” I always look for new opportunities, I love learning about other places and the peoples’ culture and tradition, I want to experience a different life always. Maybe it’s one reason I opted to move to the city when I was in college.

The city is full of noise, pollution, and chaos, yet I love it.

The life that I got used to

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The chaos in the city always makes me want to come back home. Everything is different — the way people live, time, and the environment. In the city, everything is fast-paced compared to the provincial life at home where time is more forgiving.

In the city, everything feels like a mess compared to life back home where everything seems so peaceful and still.

Now, the time has been forced to slow down — time feels more like a friend. And I am also forced to go back home. I get to be home after a long while of being in the chaotic city. The time that I have spent here became unexpectedly blissful. Slowly, a new perspective conquered my mind. A unique perspective that I have learned to love.

The life in the city that I got used to feeling feels more like a mere memory now. Like when I felt when I was missing the provincial life here at home. Now, at home where my memory has again become my life, I have been quite missing the chaos and rush in the city.

If I would’ve known then that this is what the future looks like, I would’ve probably enjoyed it more, I would’ve cherished all the time when we could still freely go out, hang out in the nearest coffee shops, be around the people, and stroll along with the skyscrapers of the city.

City life is exhausting, with everything feels like moving fastly around you, it can be really overwhelming. But now, I am missing it.

However, even when I feel like it’s more fun to be in that chaos, I am slowly falling in love again with this place I call home. It’s been a while before I finally appreciated it again, but now, I am feeling more and more excited to be outside, breathe the fresh air, and be with nature. Far different from the rush and noise that I love when I was in the city.

Why do we feel like we’re losing time?

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Sometimes we are so used to being busy that we are totally forgetting what life really is all about.

It’s not all about working, it’s not all about pleasing other people, life is meant to be enjoyed. As the old and cliche saying goes, “You only live once.” So, might as well enjoy it, right?

However, as we grow older, we often are so busy. Time is slowly becoming an enemy. Sometimes, a day feels like it’s not enough to do the things that you want to do — work, spend time with friends, with family, do your hobby, travel, or just enjoy.

We built routines based on how we thought we’re supposed to live life.

Work becomes the essential thing

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Our work becomes our world, the family becomes secondary, and alone time is not often given. Each day passes by that we are taking for granted the things that really matter. But I cannot blame our want to work and have financial stability, I cannot blame why we often opt to choose work over something that really matters.

We were brought up in this world where almost everyone says that money is important for us to enjoy life. With all these, we are losing every second of the day by doing something that is important, yet stealing our time to spend with the ones that really matter. But do we really have to choose between quality time with our loved ones or ourselves and work? Personally, I think we don’t.

Proper time management

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

If we don’t have time, then let’s find the time. I always hear people say that.

Personally, I have also been such a workaholic; I don’t mind extending hours and hours at work because I live alone, away from my loved ones, so I feel like I don’t have someone to come home to which led me to stay at work always.

In the end, I realize I should also be resting. I may not have my family with me physically, but the time I don’t spend at work may the time to spend with them. There are so many ways to connect with our loved ones now.

In this day and age of technology, social media, and the internet, it’s a lot easier to spend time with our loved ones even when we’re apart. That’s what I did when I realized that I have become too workaholic already.

I changed my thinking — I can still be with family even when I am not home. You can do too, you can do whatever you like as long as you know how to manage your time well.

Do not extend at work if it’s not really necessary, use your spare time wisely — whether you’ll use it for resting, doing your hobby, go to places that you want to go, hang out with friends, spend time with your family, or have me-time.

You can do it all.

You don’t have to waste the time you have just because you feel like work is the only important thing to you. It will surprise you how it will help you become more positive and happy.

Finding the balance

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

When you finally find the balance between working hard and enjoying life, you will be a lot happier.

It would lessen the feeling of exhaustion, and you would less likely to develop burnout. When you finally find it, you will have a deeper appreciation for life.

You will see the world differently, and I have that feeling.

Suddenly, I feel like I am more appreciative of everything. Now that I am in the province, I view the world differently.

I am falling in love again with the life that I used to live. I am falling in love with the quiet and peace, with the simplicity of life, with the fresh breeze of air that caresses me every morning. I am falling in love with the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves — the way the beach is just a few minutes away from our home, the way the sky is so clear at night, and the way I watch the sun sets down the sky in the afternoon when I am at the beach.

Everything is making me appreciate life even more. And it is the feeling that I missed the most.

Amid everything that’s happening, it is important to find joy and peace in life.

Again, life is too short for us to waste it.

We should cherish each second of our lives, do the things you want to do, spend it with the people you value the most, and love your life more.

Our life is a gift, so we should not waste it.

Thank you for reading :3



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