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Poetry of Love

The Forehead Kiss

Love is one of the greatest gifts life has ever bestowed upon me. I am eternally grateful for the presence of love in my life.

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

Of all the kisses from my late husband I do miss,
the one I long for most is the tender forehead kiss.

A kiss that doesn’t ignite passion or desire,
one that simply says you are the woman I admire.

A kiss that had no motive or reason to be,
the kiss that affirmed the one you loved was me.

It was always perfectly planted with the lightest touch of your lips,
it was often accompanied by your strong arms resting just above my hips.

I am so grateful to have shared your life, love and bed,
I still find myself longing for that gentle kiss on my forehead.

Backstory: I became a widow 25 years ago at the age of twenty-nine. My husband was only thirty when he passed away. We were married for eight years before he departed this life and those were the best eight years of my life to date. I did not have him as long as I wanted, but I am so grateful that I married James Carter Woods. Rest in Power my love!




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