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Poetry of Pain

COVID-19 Theft

COVID-19 is leaving families grief struck and there is no foreseeable end to this virus in sight.

A little girl is watching a heart-shaped balloon drift away into the sky. A sign of something lost.

I was just robbed. The thief I couldn’t see,

but he took something very valuable away from me.

A life is missing never again to be retrieved.

I am not the only victim because an entire nation was deceived.

To whom can I report this blatant theft?

Mismanagement and lies that gave way to an untimely death.

As I take my place on the next chart and graph,

look at my single mourner, a member of the hospital staff.

Don’t cry too long for me but wish me well.

My soul just departed from this earthly hell.

Today I lost my beloved uncle, Milton Guthrie. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday and passed away this morning. I have so many fond memories of him being one of those silent heroes that led by example.

I am beside myself with anguish. Rest in Power dear uncle!



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