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Presumably One Of The Bright Sides Of The Internet

Through the hectic way of life, we have often overlooked the simple joys in life. As time silently strips away the youth away from every phases of our lives, we focused on gaining recognition instead of looking at the evidence time has carved onto our life.

In your life, what do you seek? Things are often very straightforward but our labyrinthine minds often make things complicated. By letting go of our stiff minds, we will someday learn to embrace the odds and laugh at it with hearty laughter instead of sobbing over every minuscule and trivial issue in our lives.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, we hold a nostalgic familiarity to, we could see daily commuters grabbing onto their treasured phones, chatting away, scrolling profusely, and immersing in a massive texting mode which jogs one’s memory on how different it is, from our parents’ generation bypassing ours to the current generation. Technology has comfortably integrated into our lives and if we could put it into words, technology has become part of us, and we have become part of it, innovating and burying our minds into making it more advanced, intelligent, and better each passing day.

Undeniably, technology has given rise to heaps of advantages and probably made our lives much easier and pleasing to live in. However, we never overlook that with every gain, there is a potential loss. Communication and data transmitted come to be more efficient and if we were to sit down patiently to look at the statistics, we would be surprised at how many videos, calls, photographs, and texts have been sent over the web in a minute. Yes, we are very interconnected. These close connections which can be formed easily with the click of a few buttons or as simple as adding a stranger as a friend in a minute or two, can also prompt a person’s downfall and turn one’s life upside down to a route of no-return such as cyberbullying or exposing/shaming one’s private or dirty lining in public, online. Through these dark sides of the web which we can neither call a friend or a foe, many tried to stir away from such risks and only to enter this friendly and dangerous zone when necessary with a condition of surfing under a pseudonym and limiting private data on the web, simply because we cannot avoid using the web as it has been a way of life before we know it.

In the light of all the hype, panic, and commotion surrounding the uprising threat of pandemics, a fruitful opportunity has shone upon us whereby we all have been exposed to a chance to relish this newfound little joy that requires minimal effort. This particularly works well in salvaging many long-distance relationships where couples can send surprise gifts or food/meal kits to each other. Have you tried surprising your loved ones with products purchased online and shipped directly at their doorsteps within a few clicks of a button? It is pleasantly heartwarming to receive a warm meal as a surprise from the ones you hold dearly to your heart. In addition, couples can spend time being together despite being physical apart with tools such as Telepathy ( Disney+’s Groupwatch.

Despite the dark web being named as a place where cyber crimes run rampage and are nastily difficult to trace or it is a platform where people can attack and do harm to each other more hurtful and everlasting than physical pain, it possessed the ability to nurture the relationships between couples and bring the little joys which one could not have imagined. This presumably is one of the favourite bright sides of the dark endless web which everyone should immerse themselves in. Parents might worry of the online activity of their children and we as adults, too are wary of the dangers that lurked on the web. Let us all do our part to keep the web a pleasant place to be.



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