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Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt3

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The subject is all about proving God using morality. Moral laws aren’t chemical or biological; they’re immaterial and come from personal beings.

How does morality prove God?

You see most atheists are materialists in a way if you told them about consciousness, they will say it’s also material as in chemical processes, but that’s not our subject let’s leave why it is not for another subject, we are talking about the different thing which is also immaterial, even atheists has to agree that’s morality is immaterial,

Here are some arguments to prove God by morality with a different perspective:

  • Murder is wrong? Is it evil?
  • Robots
  • Dreams
  • Objective vs Subjective
  • Evil is not evil
  • Desire
  • Cancer
  • Video — The moral argument
  • Argument p1
  • Argument p2
  • Bonus
  • Conclusion


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Do you believe that good and evil exist? Let me offer the clearest possible example, Murder. Is murder wrong? Is it evil?

Murder. Is murder wrong? Is it evil?

Nearly everyone would answer yes.
But now I’ll pose a much harder question:
How do you know?

I am sure that you think that murder is wrong.
But how do you know?

If I asked you how you know that the earth is round, you would show me photographs from outer space, or offer me measurable data.

But what photographs could you show, what measurements could you provide that prove that murder or rape, or theft is wrong?

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The fact is you can’t.

There are scientific facts but without God,
there are no moral facts.

In a secular world, there can only be opinions about morality.
They may be personal opinions or society’s opinions.
But only opinions.

Every atheist philosopher I have read or debated on this subject has acknowledged that if there is no God, there is no objective morality.

In other words, only if there is a God who says murder is wrong, then is murder wrong. Otherwise, all morality is opinion.

The entire Western world — what we call
Western civilization — is based on this understanding.

Now, let me make two things clear.
First, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t believe in God, you can’t be a good person, there are plenty of kinds and moral individuals who don’t believe in God, but the existence of these good people has nothing — nothing — to do with whether good and evil exist if there is no God.

Second, there have been plenty of people who believed in God who were not good people, indeed more than a few have been evil — and have even committed evil in God’s name.

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The existence of God doesn’t ensure people will do good.
I wish it did.

The existence of God only ensures that good and evil objectively exist and are not merely opinions.

Without God, we end up with what is known as moral relativism — meaning that morality is not absolute but only relative to the individual or society.

Without God, the words: good and evil are just another way of saying I like and don’t like.

If there is no God, the statement Murder is evil is the same as the statement: I don’t like murder.

Now, many will argue that you don’t need moral absolutes — people won’t murder because they don’t want to be murdered. But that argument is just wishful thinking.

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Hitler, Stalin, and Mao didn’t want to be murdered, but that hardly stopped them from murdering about a hundred million people.

It is not a coincidence that the rejection of Judeo-Christian values in the Western world — by Nazism and Communism — led to the murder of all these innocent people.

It is also not a coincidence that the first societies in the world to abolish slavery, an institution that existed in every known society in human history was western societies rooted in God’s values.

And so were the first societies to affirm universal human rights,
to emancipate women and to proclaim the value of liberty.

Today, the rejection of God’s values and moral absolutes has led to a world of moral confusion.

In the New York Times in March 2015, a professor of philosophy confirmed this. He wrote: “What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun? Would you be surprised? I was”.

The professor then added: The overwhelming majority of college-freshmen view moral claims as mere opinions.

So, then, whatever you believe about God or religion, here is a fact: Without a God who is the source of morality, morality is just a matter of opinion.

So if you want a good world, the death of God’s values should frighten you.


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No evil, no good, just programmed to follow a certain pattern,
You will not see a robot kill if he was programmed not to kill because they don’t have the capacity, therefore no killing whatsoever, no free will when it comes to that.

The point about morality without an actual choice stops to one point as input to do one thing and skip the other output, and now comes the part of robots and morality as in fact as 100% sure they don’t have a choice to allow it or prevent it or do it.

Programmed to never-know that there is an option called eliminate another robot because of whatsoever (he doesn’t like it, did something wrong, try new thing), it falls under limitations.


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It might be 20 min in real life, but in your mind, the dream was like running forever, and it’s like a lifetime when you wake up from the dream
you say, oh, it’s just a dream, tou don’t have to think much of it. It was like an experience that you learned from, as in having bad dreams, you will start to appreciate the good dreams.

It’s similar to that when it comes to life there is a wisdom we don’t know it, yet unless we see the purpose of life, but some people learn the meaning in this life as in this life is short and just a small test (what is 120 years compared to eternal life).

The point here is we don’t say why we did have a bad dream, but waking up feels like we got an experience from it, learn more to appreciate the good dreams.

Similar morality is a small test that was given in a short time to see how we behave and act as in short, as dreams are.

Objective VS Subjective

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One pattern all people follow from the start of life to the end of their life, and all know what is good and what is wrong, we can’t allow our feeling to intervene as in 1+1 will equal 2, even if I hate math and can’t stand it, that will always be objectively true.


Based on society or person or agreed to apply it at a certain time.
Most atheists misuse both and try to apply a different situation which is wrong, will try to discuss all of them

Based on nature

Chemistry and biology are descriptive, not perspective; evolution describes what does survive, not what ought to survive
Why humans? Why should we survive as opposed to any other species?

The answer is survival of the fittest, right? That is what Hitler believed, and that’s why he was trying to get rid of the unfit because the unfit were taken resources from the fit,
so he wanted to create the super race,
the question is! Should he have done that?

He was following effect if you read Mein Kampf, which was Hitler book (1925 book), what he does, is that he quote from Darwin and says if the weaker race does not want to fight they have no right to survive. Should we rape to survive?

Because if survival is our goal, maybe we ought to rape then, we can propagate our DNA by raping, can’t we?

Yes, essentially, but we don’t need to rape people when we can consent! That is true, but that’s not the point.

The point here is consent! There is no reason to consent if there is no moral law based on evolution, and you can rape and survive that way (you don’t need consent)

Should we murder the weak to help others survive? That was Hitler’s point.

Agreed via society

Because we are in 20th-century atheists use that as we come to know what is wrong and what is right, and we decide which is true in our society, like US freedom to behave in a certain way, but you can’t kill or harm or steal or rape, etc. and also eventually it will fall into not being objective to all people take for example people like Hitler and his society, they believe it is okay to kill Jews. We can’t possibly know maybe someday some society will do the same as Hitler did in the past (society is off the table because it’s subjective).

Also, since evolution is a process of change, then morals must change - rape may one day be good.

If we follow the patterns, we will know based on society, and there will never be constant moral law, therefore is not objective.

Evil is not evil

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Why cooperate when not cooperating-often helps you survive?
We can say: if I show empathy to you,
you will show empathy to me.

Well, that’s not even true, Staling didn’t show empathy to anybody except his inner circle, and he died on his deathbed after killing 20 million of his countrymen, shaking his fist at God one last time,
so you don’t have to cooperate to get along,
quite-often you can get ahead by not cooperating

You can say it is selfish! Yes, it is much easier to be selfish than it is to be selfless if you don’t believe it,
go to any corporate boardroom, go to many elder boards
if you don’t think there is politics, where people are jockeying to try and get their own way, then you haven’t lived very long.


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Approach the forbidden food because you want to try it.

We all have that we want more things even if it is immoral to do those things for example:


Having a relationship with your friend’s wife, or fiancé, both man and woman agree to betray him.

Two face people

We all have friends who act as if they love you, yet they don’t, and at the first chance, they will be the first people who will talk badly about you and do bad things in your name.


A small minority of people have a desire to kill, and they do it, but there is also a scientific article that all humans have that desire,
here is the article Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill?

Forget the kindness

It happens all the time, goes like this, you don’t benefit me anymore, I will give only one example:
people who left their parents in a retirement home because they become heavy things to lift/care for in the long term, yet they forget who cared for them when they were kids even though they were not helping them except being heavy things (babies yell every morning, and the parents have to sleep less, buying them food, clothes, driving them to school, paying for them to go to college and so on), yet some people put their parents in a retirement home.


Everyone has the desire to steal things,
as if you can steal money or diamond, and you know for sure no one will know (most will steal even if that will hurt the other person). Why is that wrong? It benefits you, who cares about other people,
Why should I care about them when I am living well :) you can’t try to answer this question if you care less about people (which we know some are), even some atheists who have good morals if they have the opportunity to steal a theory and get Nobel Prize (what do you think will happen if they both have the same intellect, yet only one found the solution), will they credit the other person? Maybe rarely, but most will take it and again deep inside you know you are wrong for doing something like that if we assume you are a good person (the question of why is that wrong from evolution process, and yet we have this objective truth which atheists can’t give valid source to explain it)


Males own the desire to rape, yet if a person knows that he can rape and will never get caught,
don’t you think he will do that, and some do it and get away with it. The people who do that know that it is wrong to rape,
Now the question for atheists is why it is wrong to rape? Because you can get the desired output like if (no one will know, and you want to do it, and you can do it and feel great) but even if you did it or not (before or after) deep inside you,
you know it is wrong to rape someone.


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There is nothing I can tell you that will make you believe that it’s not evil,
or something which is not needed if God exists,
but why cancer exists, and people suffer from it.

I will explain the idea into two parts (one part is enough, but more is always good).

What if I told you that you have already chosen to do a test and which some choices are not yours to decide, for example, naming a few (name, shape, color, place of birth, disease, struggle, poorness, etc.), but what you do with what you got is your choice, and you are the one who accepted to do the trial to be above angels and animals in a way and that up to your result. Please read what God said, Quran (33:72):

Indeed, We offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they ˹all˺ declined to bear it, being fearful of it. But humanity assumed it, ˹for˺ they are truly wrongful ˹to themselves˺ and ignorant ˹of the consequences˺,

The explanation:
We offered the trust — which God entrusted to those who are charged, with obeying orders and avoiding prohibitions — to the heavens, the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to carry it and were afraid that they would not perform it, and the man-carried it and adhered to it on his weakness, he was very unjust and ignorant of himself.

The explanation with more details:
Al-Awfi said, on the authority of Ibn-Abbas: He means by trust: obedience, and he offered it to them before he presented it to Adam, but they could not handle it. He said: O Lord, what is in it? He said: If you do well, you will get rewarded,
and if you do wrong, you will be punished.
So Adam took it and bore it, for that is what he said: (And man carried it because he was unjust and ignorant).

Every human being before he gets born was asked whether to choose to be human and take the test which is very hard as we know everything else was afraid to take the test because of the consequences mentioned in the explanation.

You can say well, I never asked to be born and do the test, but you did, and no one remembers that
not a single human being can remember that,
because when you accepted to do the test,
the memory got erased, and you can not check during the test, but you will check at the end of the test.
Similarly, like an exam, you can not see the solutions during the test, but you can after.


“[2] Do people think once they say, We believe, that they will be left without being put to the test? [3] We certainly tested those before them. And ˹in this way˺ Allah, will clearly distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are liars. [4] Or do the evildoers ˹simply˺ think that they will escape Us? How wrong is their judgment! [5] Whoever hopes for the meeting with Allah, ˹let them know that˺ Allah’s appointed time is sure to come. He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. [6] And whoever strives ˹in Allah’s cause˺, only does so for their own good. Surely Allah is not in need of ˹any of˺ His creation.” Quran (29:2–6)

The explanation with more details:

Explaining verse [2]

And his saying: Do people think that they will be left to say, We believe, and they will not be tested? A man is according to his religion, and if he is firm in his faith, his affliction, will be added to him, and he is saying: “Do you think you will enter Paradise without Allah proving which of you truly struggled ˹for His cause˺ and patiently endured?” Quran (3/142)

His saying — Blessed and Most High: Do people think that they will be left means: And the calculation here is the meaning of conjecture, and His saying — Blessed and Exalted: And they will not be tested means: they will be tried and tested.

Explaining verse [3]

And His saying — Blessed and Exalted: We certainly tested those before them. And ˹in this way˺ Allah, will clearly distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are liars. Meaning: that this is his trials and will keep repeating among his servants, and the knowledge here is so that God knows those who believed. And his saying: Had they gone forth with you ˹believers˺, they would have been nothing but trouble for you and would have scrambled around, seeking to spread discord in your midst. And some of you would have eagerly listened to them. And Allah has ˹perfect˺ knowledge of the wrongdoers. Quran (9:47), And God — Blessed and Most High — when he responded to the hypocrites when they promised the Jews that. They would help them and that they would go out with them, and he said: “If they are expelled, they will not leave with them, and if they’refought, they will not aid them. And [even] if they should aid them, they will surely turn their backs; then theywill not be aided.” Quran (59:12), This is knowledge of what was not and if it was how it would be,
then inform about what was not, if they are — expelled they will not go out with them, then they will not go out with them,
and if they are — fought, they will not help them, and this was also the case.

Explaining verse [4]

And his saying: “Or do the evildoers ˹simply˺ think that they will escape Us? How wrong is their judgment!”, that is, those who have not entered into faith do not think that they will be freed from this trial and test because there is the most debilitating punishment for them; That is why he said: Or do those who do evil deeds think that they will precede us? That is: they miss us, how poor is what they judge, meaning: they got it wrong.

That they precede us: means that they tempt us,
so that we do not recompense them, do not hold them accountable, and do not punish them for their sinful deeds, for God — Blessed and Exalted — can overpower them, and the forelocks of creation are in His hand, and none of them will escape it
“O company of jinn and mankind-if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by authority [from Allah].” Quran (55:33)

Explaining verse [5]

The Almighty says: Whoever hopes to meet God as in the hereafter, and do good deeds, hoping for the great reward with God, God will fulfill his hope for him and will fulfill his work in full and abundantly. Because He hears supplications, He sees all beings. “If you could but see when they will bemade to stand before their Lord. He will say, ‘Is this not the truth?’ They will say, ‘Yes, by our Lord.’ He will [then] say, ‘So taste the punishment for what you used to deny.’” Quran (6:30). Likewise, the prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, told us about the reckoning, and that God — Blessed and Exalted — gives a personal account to each one individually, so this is from meeting God.

Explaining verse [6]

And his saying: And whoever strives ˹in Allah’s cause˺, only does, so for their own good, whoever does a good deed, the benefit of his act, will only return to himself, for God is independent of the actions of His servants, and if they were all the pious heart of a man among them, that would not add anything to his possession; That is why he said: Surely Allah is not in need of ˹any of˺ His creation.

Then he told that with his sufficiency above all creatures, and with his kindness and benevolence towards them, he rewards those who believe and do good deeds with the best reward, which is that he atones for them the worst of what they have done and rewards them with their reward for the best of what they used to do, so he accepts a few good deeds, and rewards one for it ten times to seven hundred times. He will reward the evil with the same, or pardon and pardon, as the Almighty said: “Indeed, Allah never wrongs ˹anyone˺ — even by an atom’s weight.1 And if it is a good deed, He will multiply it many times over and will give a great reward out of His grace.” Quran (4:40).

In short, cancer is one of many things included in the test that you and I agreed to do, and every person will confirm that after the completion of the test, and people will have the chance to check, and God said: “We will certainly test you with a touch of fear and famine and loss of property, life, and crops. Give good news to those who patiently endure — ” Quran (2:155). What are 80 years compared to eternal joy (simply nothing).

Video — The moral argument (10 min)

The moral argument

Argument p1

P1: We are subjective people, and we invented nothing, we got some interpretation of objective morals, and we have an understanding of how justice works
: Objective morals exist, then ultimate justice needs to exist.
C: Based on intuition and many facts, the existence of objective morality disprove that we are only material things and prove that we didn’t invent objective morality or justice, we got it from a source, and that source made the moral claims, and he must be a higher being that we describe as God.

Anyone who says intuition is not valid,
well, he doesn’t know how science got formed,
Here is an article to read if you want to learn more about how intuition is essential to science.

We have that feeling written in our heart like injustice acts has to be justified and can’t be something people can get away with (I’m not talking about this life). I’m talking about our feeling about evil acts and how we feel about them, yet even atheists don’t know the source of why we have that feeling if we are just material things.

And atheist if you already forget, and you want to apply other things, we discussed, based on nature and society and other things, it can’t be like people who did evil in this life go unpunished and caused people to be sad, a lot did lose their loved ones.

What if that happens to you, and say: someone rapes/kills your wife/husband would like them to go unpunished!

Because at world war one/two that happened, people did that,
evil people, who we all remember who did tremendous harm to other people like Hitler, Stalin, etc. Nothing happened to them.

If morality exists, which we know it does, based on what the article describes those values in detail, we know that is not the end for them.

Argument p2

P1: If objective morals exist, they must be a link to some higher source we can obtain it from, which is not something subjective
P2: Objective morals exist, and therefore the source must exist
C: Objective morals exists, and it can not be subjective to society or limited minds, and therefore the only rational choice is a higher being exists

God is the only rational explanation for objective morality,
first, God is not subjective, and he transcends human subjectivity, he is outside the universe, he can make the universal moral claim.

God is the knowing, the wise, the good (the source of all good), and his names and attributes are the maximally perfect, they are to the highest degree possible, and I wrote an article about his names and their meaning. Check it out in this article.

They have no deficiency and no flaw, and they are perfect, so it follows when he commands, his commands are good, and goodness is an essential part of his nature.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

He has the totality of moral knowledge from that point of view, and not only this, his commands are not subject to anything, his not limited by anything external to him, so by definition, he is an objective source.

So from this point of view, it is starting to make sense to say: if there are objective moral truths, and they’re outside a self-limited mind, outside social consensus and peer pressure, and they’re outside of the limitation.

They require some explanation and grounding, remember meta-ethics to explain the nature of this moral value and where it comes from its foundation.

Well, the only way to explain it rationally is God’s existence from the perspective that what explain the moral values, then objective moral values are his commands because God is outside the universe, he is objective, not subjective, he has total moral knowledge and all the things we mentioned
what else can ground objective morals, how else can you explain objective morals, and what is interesting God said in the Quran (7/28):
Indeed, God does not order immorality

God defines justice with his mercy, but the whole Quran is like a conversation with people and telling them to be just, to be merciful,
Allah wasn’t talking just to Muslims,
he was talking to the polytheists Arabs, so they must understand what justice and mercy meant in some way,
otherwise, most of the Quranic discourse would be meaningless, and I find that very problematic if you say there are no objective moral values from that point of view make sense of Islamic theology,
and so objective — moral values exist, and then it makes sense of our moral intuitions.

The source needs to be a higher being (God),
Our understanding will not work cause of what we discussed earlier (persons, society, nature), subjective beings can not make something objective.

Subjective truth

Short for consciousness

Objective truth

A circle can’t be square and knowing about it means we didn’t make it. It was already there as in, just like the laws in this universe (they’re constant).

Absolute truth

A different scenario to learn that it exists whether you know it or not,
the girl got killed when she was going to the train, and no one knows how she got killed?

The absolute truth is either she got killed accidentally or intently, and one of them has to be the truth and just to clarify, we do not know what has happened, now the question will be whether we know it or not,
don’t you think there is an absolute truth to what happened,
and just because we don’t know the truth will not make it not out there.


Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism

Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt2

Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt4

Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt5

Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt6

I will keep posting other parts from a different perspective every week/month, so be sure to check it out ✌️.


We all know objective morals exist, and this article only confirmed the hidden fact. And if only one thing is considered wrong, then God exists.

If you think God doesn’t exist, then read the holy Quran, you will find answers subjective to you, you can’t apply it to all people, every person will find answers subjective to him (and I mean reading from cover to cover 600 pages long), you want more read the biography of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and everything will make more sense.

God bless you and keep you safe and healthy, “amen.” 🙏
Feel free to ask me any questions ✌️.

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