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Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism pt7

In five minutes, I can convince a college graduate that God exists.

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Logically not based on the belief, totally not based on faith (without a matter of faith)
So they are not ready, but what can I tell you…,

How do you logically prove that the creator of the universe exists?

Everything created bears witness to the existence of a Creator.

The existence of existent after non-existence, and their occurrence after they were not, obviously indicates the existence of the One who created them and made them.

It is not a condition for everyone to know that everything has happened in order for him to believe that, Rather that is not possible, as the Almighty said: “I did not make them witness to the creation of the heavens and the earth or to the creation of themselves, and I would not have taken the misguiders as assistants.Quran (18:51).

How is that possible? If you are a created entity, there are two possibilities, either I created myself Or the entity that preceded me did create me.

So did I create myself? There are two possibilities
If I created myself, either I already existed before I existed,
or I did not exist before.

If I already find myself existing, (then) I don’t need to create myself because I already exist.

If I didn’t already exist, I couldn’t bring myself into existence because I wasn’t there yet, so I wouldn’t be able to create myself.

So by necessity, I could not have created myself.
This option has expired, so what is left?

I was — created by an entity that preceded me.

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Let me repeat with more details this time.
Every created entity bears witness to the existence of a Creator, not just a human being, but the grain of sand, atoms, and other things that are not eternal.

The grain of sand: is it created or not? Two possibilities, either the grain of sand created itself, or something created it.

Now let’s check if a grain of sand can make itself, there are two possibilities, either the grain of sand existed before it created itself, or it did not exist before it created itself.

If it existed before creating itself, (then) it already exists and does not need to create itself. How long has it been? It was there at all times!

The entity that was — created did not exist at all times, so the created entity was — created.

But if it didn’t already exist, how could it create itself?
Because after all, he did not yet exist in order to create himself. Therefore, every created thing must bear witness by virtue of its being — created, and that’s to the fact that the creator preceded it.

Let’s go back and go way back to the first things that were ever — created.

"According to modern cosmological theory, based on Einstein's General Relativity (our modern theory of gravity), the big bang did not occur somewhere in space; it occupied the whole of space. Indeed, it created space. Space is itself infinitely elastic; it is not expanding into anything."
The Big Bang Theory says that the universe came into being from a single, unimaginably hot, and dense point (aka, a singularity) more than 13 billion years ago. It didn't occur in an already existing space. Rather, it initiated the expansion—and cooling—of space itself.

As you can see, even space didn’t exist before, and it was created after the Big Bang, so saying universe come from nothing, and by nothing you mean void of empty — space or the ideal lowest-energy state possible for spacetime which both need space/gravity to generate a Big Bang and this prove the contradiction of their claims based on scientific facts mentioned above.

The question is! Was gravity a thing before the Big Bang? A simple answer: “No, nothing had existed before the Big Bang”. The universe describing; and including (gravity, space, time, matter) and everything else was — created after the Big Bang.

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It must be the first thing created, [as we have explained], indicating that the creator created it.

We see that the creator who created the creature is the first.
Let’s ask now, who created the creator?

The creator can’t be — created. But why?
If the creator has a creator, what is the position of the first? Created entity.

So we created entities [humans, atoms] that were — created without a creator (This is impossible).

Therefore, the creator must exist because we see that there are — created entities.

If the creator exists, but if the creator has a Creator. It makes contradictions because they will be created entities without a Creator.

Therefore, there must be a primary creator who is not a created entity but who created all created entities.

This creator is eternal and ever-existent, without beginning nor an end.

Quran (112)
Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”

How do I know that God exists from the fact that I exist?
I am the testimony that I did not give myself.

So someone before me did this all the way to the first created thing.


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And what indicates that the existence of creation is evidence of the presence of God Almighty, and he says: “Or were they created by nothing, or are they ˹their own˺ creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? In fact, they are not certain.Quran (52:35–36).

That is an eminent division. Saying: Were they without a Creator who created them? It is impossible for the minds, illogical, irrational, or did they create themselves? It is more absurd, so it’s known that they have a Creator who created them, and He is God Almighty. It is a natural, self-evident, stable in the soul, and it cannot be—denied, so the true instinct cannot claim the existence of an accident without an innovator that brought it about, and he cannot say: He created it himself.

And also said: “Does man not remember that We created him before, while he was nothing?Quran (19:67), and so the verses indicate the need for something to rise from nothing to a Creator by necessity.

If you contemplate the appearance of this world with your eyes and consider it with your mind. You will find it is like a built house that is — prepared in it with what its inhabitant needs; of machines and equipment, the sky is raised like a roof, and the earth is extended like a rug, and the stars are a group and jewels are stored as ammunition, and types of plants are — prepared for restaurants, clothes, drink, and the types of animals are served for the rider in facilities. Man is like the king of the house in which he is authorized, and there is a clear indication that the world is created with measure, discretion, and order and that’s it has a wise maker with complete power and great wisdom.

What if I told you science and religion are able to work together perfectly. (I don’t know much about the accuracy of the Bible). However, the Quran doesn’t have a single error nor contradictions and not a single scientifically fact proven wrong (and please, if you’re going to mention some errors in the Quran, kindly do your homework cause Muslims all over the world did answer each false assumption about them (type what you think the error on YouTube, and you will be — convinced that you got it wrong, or from some hater who got it out of context)).

The Quran was revealed 1400 years ago and has never been — changed, and the book made some proven statements that science only now has discovered. Here are some authentic sources about the Quran and modern science:

13 Scientific Facts in the Holy Quran

I would suggest you read the Quran with an open mind, and if you can’t afford to buy one, here is a link (also, you can style the website the way you like and add as many translators as you want, but it will be messy, just one translator is enough either (Dr. Mustafa Khattab, or Saheeh International) they’re the best, really close to the actual Arabic Quran).

God bless you and keep you safe and healthy, “amen.” 🙏
Feel free to ask me any questions ✌️.

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