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Make It Yours To Put Things Into Perspective In Your Life.

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
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5 min readSep 18, 2021


“Hell is to meet the person you could have been at death and realize you’re not even a shadow of that person.

Heaven is to meet the person you could have been and to see yourself staring back at you.“


Fear has been driving and paralyzing me most of my life.

There are a lot of definitions of fear.

My favorite is this one: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Before coming to France, I was crippled by fear of failing here and going back empty-handed to Senegal.

Before marrying a non-Muslim woman, I feared being outcasted by my community and family.

Before speaking up at work, I always feared it would affect my career.

Here I am today. All those fears were just some hypothetical possibilities of a potential event that might happen. Yet, the universe is full of opportunities beyond our imagination.

What has helped me in the journey is my faith.

There are a lot of definitions of faith.

My favorite is this one: Finding Answer In The Heart.

I was gifted with a memory above the average compared to some people around me when I was young.

Memorizing some parts of the Quran and quickly digesting my lessons at school made me feel like I did not need to work hard.

My parents were proud of my marks at school, and I was an excellent young Muslim boy who could repeat some verses of the Quran while not understanding the deep meaning.

Until late in my studies, I once had the lowest mark in Engineering school in France because I did not prepare for my exam.

In my professional career or private life, I was more of the guy with the fixed mindset, not the one with the growth one.

I enjoyed sitting on my laurels and hoping to skyrocket in every area of my life.



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