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Rainy Day

Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Like diamonds, shiny droplets fall from the sky,
and splash into the ground like a rock
Hours keep going by
And the clock goes “tick-tock”

In the heavens above,
Grey clouds obscured the sun
Not showing any love,
Lightning bolts dropped down, and it was no fun.

I sipped on a cup of tea,
And leaned against the frosty window
I let my mind be,
I just let it go.

The clock ticked like a metronome,
My tea cooled down into a flavorless drink,
Today was a day well spent at home,
Over a pillow, I let my head sink.

I fell into a slumber like no other,
Slowly and gently, like a feather falling down.
I wished that there was better weather,
But we can’t control all of what life has to offer, we would just look like a clown.

I closed my eyes and dreamt a dream,
So big that I could feel it in me.
It was so big, as it would seem,
But I don’t want to spill the tea.

  • The Peaceful Wolf




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The Peaceful Wolf

The Peaceful Wolf

I am a self-taught poet and I write articles about everything self-improvement and psychology related.

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