Reasons To Fall In Love With The 80s

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“Let’s drift to a place where we un-digitize.” — Fury Weekend in “Euphoria”

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Whenever I watch Miami Vice, I can’t stop myself dreaming about how would it be to live in the 80s.

Oh, just a second! Actually, I lived in the 80s for 2 months as a newborn baby! I was there in 1989 😂 Here is the proof:

(1990) My mom holds me as I am so happy that I saw the 80s. This is solid proof that I’m an 80s person. Now I demand my ’89 Ferrari Testarossa and ’89 Porsche 911.

After giving you proof and earning your trust now let’s start:

1) Seeing some exciting inventions for the first time ever

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash

The innovation of technology is incremental. You get small improvements over and over and you get the final result.

The excitement on the other hand is tied to new things. When you see a game console for the first time ever and you have never seen anything like that before, what you feel is unique.

These days you get Game Console 3, Game Console 4, Game Console 10. Game 2, Game 3, Game Remake: 2022. Okay still exciting but the first time they came out was in the 80s.

I can’t imagine how people felt when they first tried these. I had similar experiences and feelings in the 90s. But wish I had been there 10 years earlier.

2) Better perception of aesthetics

1988 Camaro 😍. Can money buy a brand new car like this these days? — Photo by Jaron Whelan on Unsplash

After I watched Videodrome(1983) I was sure once again the sense of aesthetics was way better in the past. All those electronics, interior design, women’s hair, men’s clothes, furniture, covers of books, cassettes, videos make me question what are we doing these days? I wish I had an 80s home like that guy in Videodrome has.

Looks like today’s designers are busy with the notifications of their smartphones today! 😜 No offense if you’re a designer today. I tried to make a joke and complain like a boomer, in honor of them. All in all, 80s were their era.

In my eyes, 80s clothes, fashion and people look better.

Some of today’s fashion idols are Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and other super famous people. Girls are trying to look like them and think they are the most beautiful ones. Okay, they aren’t “not beautiful” but you can observe that women are more obsessed with them than us men are! The majority of their followers are females that try to look like them, be like them, live like them. While they act like a cult leader sharing every aspect of their lives broadcasting online making millions.

Now, do you think Debbie Harry cared much back then? Did she wear clothes and makeup that cost thousands of dollars? Did she advertise them? Did she broadcast her private life on social media?

In Coney Island Beach she looks more beautiful than every other being and she doesn’t care about being posted “online” and potential likes. Even her sunglasses and her slippers are better than today’s.

3) Living the experience instead of recording and sharing

Today, people record the experiences instead of living them. Photo by Raj Basotia on Unsplash

The last time I was at a big concert was the 27th of July, 2008. Metallica in Istanbul. We had Candybar phones (not smartphones). Some had cameras but limited memory. You could have a few photos but recording videos weren’t convenient with them.

We watched the concert and enjoyed it like everybody else in Ali Samiyen Stadium. Tens of thousands of people! Some people were recording with their video cameras but the majority were enjoying the experience.

After the mid-2010s when everybody has upgraded to their smartphones, the mass behavior changed to recording and sharing, trying to get likes instead of living the moment.

In my experience I can tell, not living the moment may end up in regret. The notes you wrote and saved, photos you took, movies that were added to your list probably will end up forgotten and abandoned in a silent, cold place. A digital, personal trash yard. Not visited by you, not visited by anybody.

If you gonna do something, do it now before life makes you forget it and changes itself so fast that pushes you to another train of thought where your old plans and thoughts are obsolete.

In the 80s you had no chance but to live. No chance to deliberate and research it for months but to act. You had to make it happen instantly.

Had a good day? No chance to record it and share with friends or strangers instantly and ruin the actual experience. Had a bad day? The only chance you had is to forget about it quickly and live the next day.

4) Better music

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Fewer effects, no mass production, purer mind with fewer distractions, rock’n roll is young, metal is newborn and you’re getting the first editions, first albums of everything. They were luckier than we are.

Songs like these came out in the 80s:

I’m So Excited - The Pointer Sisters

…And Justice for All - Metallica

Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying - Megadeth

I’ll Be Good - Rene & Angela

Out of Touch - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Life’s What You Make It - Talk Talk

Looking at my suggestions you can tell I still listen to GTA Vice City radio 😎 . I also like Scarface(1983) on which the game is based of course.

Electronic music had its best times in the 80s. Today I listen to NewRetroVawe to follow the Synthwave and Retrovawe scene to get similar vibes with fancy neon lights.

If you lived in the 80s, whatever you were doing you had a better soundtrack to your life.

5) Movies

Photo by Noom Peerapong on Unsplash

Miami Vice (TV series)


Back to the Future



Wall Street


Full Metal Jacket

Police Academy

Midnight Run

Raging Bull

These are the movies that came out in the 80s I could write in a couple of minutes. I can’t deny that today we have great movies like Ready Player One. But these were the roots of what we have today. There would be no Ready Player One without Back to the Future.


Photo by Lars Kienle on Unsplash

Okay, you like the 80s because you’ve read until this point. It doesn’t matter if you lived in those years or not. I know people like the 80s because GTA Vice City is the most loved GTA out there.

Now what? How to make the world like the 80s again? Can we live in the 80s again?

The answer is both negative and positive:

The downside is there will be no other actual 80s. (the 2080s and others don’t count) Don’t be sad. Like I said at the beginning of this article, I only lived 2 months of the 80s and had no idea what was going on.

The upside is that era was unique and finite and this is what makes the 80s special. And there is Metaverse coming. I have no doubt we will be able to experience the 80s as if it’s really happening inside the simulation systems in the future after Elon Musk finds out how to pass the brain-computer barrier. After that point, you won’t be able to tell if that’s the actual 80s or a simulation. See you in the 80s.



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