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Coco the movie

Coco | credit; School Library | flickr (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

About a month ago I published writing calledEverything you touch surely dies’ and ended up that writing by saying remember your lost ones. This is definitely a movie that reminds us we should never forget our lost ones so I wouldn't be okay without recommending this movie after that writing!! I personally wasn’t so fond of animation but after watching this one enthusiastically, waiting for it to come cinema for watching in the frontmost seat!! But what was so special in Coco?

For me, the first thing was how producers integrated their culture flawlessly into the story of animation. I knew that Mexican people are celebrating their death soul’s welcome once a year but I didn’t feel the deepness of this idea. By watching this animation I respect them a lot for being this much considerate and I also felt what they are feeling each year. I learned that when someone dies is actually the time when we forget them. Besides this touching story, Coco also consists of amazing talent and unbelievable effort. Every music, every scene of this animation felts this effort.

Also, it was so unexpected for me to inspire this much. No wonder why Coco took six years to debut. The storyline, music, characters all are really amazing and have sincerity. I still listen to some of the songs of Coco. In short, elder or younger everyone must watch this animation because it has soul and has so much to contribute to your life!!!

My favorite song from Coco ( It doesn't consist spoiler)



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