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Review, Reflect And Feel To Open Your Life To The New

Motivation FOLLOWS action, NOT the other way around

Review, Reflect And Feel — Zac Durant, Unsplash

Listen To Your Feelings

Review, Reflect And Feel

And Before There Was Babylon

Do NOT Write Your Business Plan

Daily Action:

  • Allow all the images, recollections and dreams about your life to be subject only to Review. Seeking to identify the lessons being offered rather than making a judgement as to the events themselves.
  • Reflect on what you learnt and identify any further lessons to learn.
  • Feel in your body for any dis-comfort, pain etc.. Then feel into that point and ask: “what is it seeking?” Once you have an answer use it to surround the original pain or dis-comfort. Finally merge both together and note any new colour, shape etc. which emerges. Should it move around your body, simply follow as it connects to other beliefs.

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Open Your Life To The New




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