Risks Humanity Face In The Next 10 Years

Jonathon Larkins
Jan 27 · 5 min read
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2020 has passed. As we enter a new year, the risks that face humanity have not changed since the last. The impact 2020 has had will not be forgotten, we are witnessing history. After last year we need to make change more than ever. Pressing matters need to will get addressed. We can no longer stick our head in the sand. We have to act.

We now have a blank canvas to build, a new start that we cannot lose to blindness. The 2021 global risks report created by the World Economic Forum ( WEF for short). Highlights the many risks we face but it also shows us that we can improve there is a way, it will be fixed.

A survey is sent out to over 650 members of the WEFs Diverse leadership communities. This required them to rank 35 short, medium and long term risks that may affect humanity in the coming years. The results are combined to create a 96-page report.

The pandemic serves as a wake-up call for humanity, this report shouldn't be taken as scaremongering but as a bridge to a brighter future for us all.

Each set of results get compiled into a table, each risk is represented by a percentage, the percentage represents the portion of members that think the risk is likely to happen.

When do respondents forecast risks will become a critical threat to the world?

  1. Short term
Screenshot from WEF report

We are currently in a global pandemic that not only puts our health but also are livelihood in danger. This is clearly represented in the table. What stands out for me is digital inequality. This is the gap between people who benefit from the digital age and who don't. As the past year has shown us that we rely on the internet heavily, without it there would be chaos, we do not fully understand the impact this will have on us in the future.

Facebook that in the past year has come under scrutiny for misuse of data and the Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened a few years ago. It makes me question the internet. Are we actually benefitting from this or we just data that is sugar-coated as social media? Should are data be worth money? Are big tech companies selling us?

2. Medium-term

The pandemic has caused economic uncertainty for the medium term, as borrowing from governments and people increase we are likely to see a debt crisis. Furthermore, the crypto market has seen significant growth that may not last, as more and more wall street businesses invest in them, they grow in reputation as a viable asset. This a scary thought knowing they have no intrinsic value.

The results are in the higher percentile compared to the short-term. Highlighting the distrust the members have in the tech and finance industries.

3. Long term

Weapons of mass destruction, a scary thought. They have been more and more prominent in the past years, as we go into the future they are sure to crop back up every now and then. This can also be attributed to the possibility of state collapse whether its the US or Iran its sure to have an impact on humanity as a whole.

although this survey is widely negative about the world there are some positive takeaways from the longterm. Climate action failure is low on the list meaning the worlds elite are looking to the future, although biodiversity loss is high that figure substantially outweighed by the other.

The Likely Impact Of The 35

The survey also required the respondents to rank the 35 risks by there impact and the likelihood of them. this shows us a greater understanding of it all.

The likelihood

A 6th and 7th place were added to the graph to represent the new era of digital age.

The impact

As this blatantly shows us they two are matching up, this is not an irregular sight for this survey.

What The F*ck Is This???

This final graph takes a bit of getting used to. When you finally get your head around it, it makes no sense. You'll see what I mean in a second. Anyways it represents the driving factors behind the global risks.

The most confusing graph created.

I told you didn't I. In my head, I tried breaking it down but alas I couldn't give you an insight on this one. The pressure is on you to work it out. It does explain it at the bottom but even then it doesn't help.

Final Thoughts

This is our chance, we must seize the opportunity. We can create a better planet out of the pandemic. We must, all the pain and suffering must come to something. We cant be left empty-handed after all of this. whether its climate change or political polarization, the time to rebuild those bridge burnt long ago is now.

I beg of you to make a change now, anything it could be big or small but it has to benefit others. Slowly you change will grow into a community. Local to you or worldwide. As long as it's for the greater good just do it. I'm a young person I don't want to deal with shit the older generation f*cked up, so please just do your part. Thank You.


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Jonathon Larkins

Written by

This is me.16. My whole life in front of me. Just trying to find my way through it. Building a better future for myself and others


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

Jonathon Larkins

Written by

This is me.16. My whole life in front of me. Just trying to find my way through it. Building a better future for myself and others


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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