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Rub The Lamp Unleash Your Genie

Image by Simona from Pixabay

“Oh divine providence I ask not for more riches but moral wisdom with which to make wiser use of the riches you gave me at birth consisting in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I desire”

The above is a prayer (affirmation) suggested by Napoleon hill in his Laws of Success teaching

In this affirmation which he instructed to be said over a dozen times daily you’ll notice two important parts

“I ask not for more riches”


“use of the riches you gave me at birth consisting in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I desire”

After trying to understand this affirmation properly I realized all the material and non-material riches we will ever need have already been given us at birth

As Robert Collier taught we all have a “Genie” ready to give us greater gifts than Aladdin and unlike Aladdin we need not find a magic lamp because we are the “magic lamp” and the “Genie” is our own mind

So whenever Napoleon Hill prayed for moral wisdom to use the riches that were given him at birth which is the power to control and direct his own mind to whatever ends he desired he was simply asking for wisdom to “unleash his Genie”

There are different levels of mind which aid each other, the conscious, subconscious, and the super-conscious which enables us see and live in “the world of wonders” where nothing is impossible and water turns to wine

To unleash our “Genie” whenever we want will give us the ability to use each state of consciousness to full effect

This will be the ability to break “destructive” habits, build up “constructive” ones, and to act with faith & intuition for the manifestation of our desires.

So how can you unleash this “Genie” of yours?

Our minds are only as powerful as we believe and allow them to be, and this belief shouldn’t just be a mental attitude but believe through action which is known as “active” faith

In order to unleash the Genie we must “rub” the lamp by giving our mind bigger or more difficult tasks to do, but it is advised you start with little tasks and build up to bigger ones because if you don’t trust your mind to deliver the “little” things then you can’t trust in it for the “larger” things

When you feed your mind with more difficult tasks, and trust that it (or they) will not fail then the mind will not fail, this is why a lot of things are difficult before they are easy, the mind (spirit) will always find a way

The common problem is we are often unsure whether the “Genie” will come out or we just totally forget we have one, so we look for outside sources to solve the problems which we should use as opportunity to rub the lamp

We go searching for diamonds in distant lands because we doubt we have them in our own land which was given us freely and blessed

Whenever a challenge confronts me I try to stay calm, become grateful for the chance to rub my lamp, and thank my “Genie” for providing a solution

Yes, this is difficult

Yes, sometimes I grow impatient and look to other sources

But I know as long as I keep practising “active faith”, my faith will grow stronger, and I will be able to:

“control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I desire”

You have a Genie, or better still you’re the Genie and the lamp

Rub the lamp or at least try, each time you rub the lamp you get more confident and better

Keep trying, soon you’ll be running to yourself for a solution to challenges instead of running to others in “times of trouble”

And lastly

Be of good cheer and allow your eternal all-knowing and powerful self to overcome those tribulations.



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