Rules Of Engagement With The Unwoke

A Poem of Empowerment

1 min readJun 14, 2024


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Explain it to me
Help me to understand
Convince me that you’re right
Do not discharge me out of hand
© 2021 RidgeMagee

Engaging the unwoke is a dizzying prospect
requiring a steady mind
and careful consideration of every aspect.

Do not react with negativity
when they disrespect you,
your principles, or sensibility.

The worst thing you can do here
is to let them slow your roll,
see you sweat, or sense your fear.

They only want to get a reaction,
so have your shit together, keep your cool,
and don’t give ’em the satisfaction.

Challenge their baseless assertions,
and debunk their alternative facts.
Chastise when they cast their aspersions.
and expose all their egregious acts.

With Pen And Faculty We Slog Away
To Foster Awareness In The Uninitiated
And Clarity Of Conscience In The Culpable.
We’re Battling The Idiocy Of Bigotry Every Day.
Stay Strong My Babies! You will Know What To Say.

© 2024 RidgeMagee

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