Vocabulary is the set of words in a particular language which must be known by a person to become proficient in that particular field. Some vocabularies are used by professionals based on their work area which is not understood by normal readers. That’s what we are going to learn today. The topic is “Technical Vocabulary”.Let us dive into the topic..

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“Technical Vocabulary” refers to vocabularies used by particular people in the work area which seems difficult to understand by normal readers i.e.., the people other than the work area. But once we start learning, it becomes easy to understand. Here are few Technical Vocabularies with their meaning. Start learning it to get a clear understanding.

📖 Amok — having no self-control.

📖 Breakthrough — new development.

📖 Constraint — limitation imposed forcibly.

📖 Dismay — feeling of shock.

📖 Eschew — the act of avoiding.

📖 Formerly — who used to be.

📖 Ghastly — very bad.

📖 Holistic — seeing as a whole.

📖 In the making — taking place.

📖 Jeopardy — risk.

📖 Proximity — the quality of being closer.

📖 Prognosticate — to predict.

📖 Shoddy — inferior working.

📖 Temerity — fearless daring.

Usage of words is the smart way of learning. Become smart by using these vocabularies which you learnt in your day-to-day speaking and writing. These vocabularies will also be helpful for one, when he/she work in the particular field.

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