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Science Behind Marriage

We are married for 15 years. I am working in Indian Railways. Permanent job.

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Yesterday I casually asked my wife if I weren’t working in railways would you have married me.

Her answer was to the point and straight “No”. My father was not also thinking about you.

Doesn’t she love me? Yes, she loves me very much. Suppose love is on the first floor and you have to reach love through stairs.

Then the very first step of stairs is “security”. Unless you put your foot at the first step of these stairs you can’t climb up to love.

Then she asked me, would you give permission to your daughter to marry a person without having any financial security?

Now the question is for me and I have to answer.

My answer is also “No”. So security is a very very important factor before marriage. And security is directly connected with money.

Rich people have money and thus they can provide security for any girl. So it is natural that girls will marry or wish to marry a rich person.

Yes, there are exceptions and exceptions can’t be taken as general.




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