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Sea of Tears-Empathy

By Kant Smith,


I sit upon a blood-stained beach; an ocean full of tears.

Children play, families relax, surfers ride the waves in the warm summer sun.

How warm is the feeling of joy, and yet how chilling is the breeze felt upon the sunburnt skin?

A chill so cold, so dark, and ever so depressing that joy never truly emerges on the inside but is only a fake reaction to hide guilt from the outer reflection.

To otherwise create an illusion.

As the moon’s true shade is dark but eludes us with the sun’s light; we too cloak ourselves in beautiful splendor.

That chilling breeze was a reminder of a faded dream of my long missed love.

Still, to this day I try to envision her face.

I long to be connected; to feel her breath on my ear as we intertwine with love.

I long for my love that this world has never known and cry out her name.

I cry “Empathy!” across the sea of tears, but my cries are all in vain.




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Sean Krammes

Sean Krammes

Disabled combat veteran who spent many years homeless and soul searching. Now attending college for ministry and psychology to help others with what I learned.

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