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Secrets of Longevity

What it means to have a taste of immortality

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Since millenia, Kings, Emperors and many powerful people have fought to attain the “Elixir of life”. For some life is a burden, a struggle and hell, yet some may do anything to never leave this body. A person who possesses infinite libido certainly knows what power feels like, and would never want to give that away. In the future, perhaps 500 years from now, super powers or elite will be fighting for ‘time’. Yes, time is an entity, and can be extremely destrutive if it gets in the wrong hands. This is why knowledge has been suppressed for centuries, as it has been confiscated by the ones who wish to attain immortality.

In this era, we are noticing various articles and videos about healing the gut, cancer, vagus nerve and DNA. This is a red flag for humanity that we are not living healthy lives. Only 5% of population has the privilege of having strong genes and a stress free, healthy life style. That means the rest of humanity is suffering from all kinds of diseases every day, and the numbers keep increasing. It is no surprise that it is happening in a world where we are exposed to so many radiations, chemicals and negativity on the media — not to forget the plastic and geneticially modified foods we consume everyday.

One doesn’t have control over their birth or death, but we can absolutely enhance our quality of life. Massive research has been done on longevity, especially in the last decade, and it proves that humans can delay the aging process. If diseases such as, COVID, can switch off main functions of our DNA, then we might have a way to switch them back on, to achieve wholeness and well being. Genetic editing is successfully being performed on animals and has shown that we will be able to eradicate any disease that we might carry from our ancestors and live a supremely vital life. Of course, currently, it seems a bit far fetched, but soon enough, healing the DNA through lasers won’t be a problem.

If genes are our hardware, then consciousness is the software. Spiritually speaking, what we carry in our souls, is what our fate becomes. Genetic mutation and spiritual evolution may be the missing link towards solving major issues plaguing humanity. The question is, are we ready for that giant leap of faith or do we wish to remain enslaved to our desires?




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