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Picture this: you’re trying to drift off to sleep, but suddenly, a mischievous voice in your head whispers, “Whatever you do, DON’T think about a blue elephant!” Lo and behold, your mind’s eye immediately conjures up a vivid image of a blue flamboyant, parading through your thoughts with a cheeky grin. The harder you try to banish the colorful creature, the more it seems to prance, stubbornly refusing to be ignored. Such is the paradoxical nature of the mind — the very act of attempting to suppress a thought inadvertently breathes life into it, making it as tangible and persistent as if you had intentionally beckoned it forth. So…the brain does not understand NEGATIVES!

..rather here is what you can ask your mind to behave

There is a wild beauty in being one-of-a-kind. The way I walk, the things that ignite my passion, the weird jokes only I find funny — these aren’t flaws to be sanded away but vibrant brushstrokes on the canvas of my life. They set me apart. Sure, sometimes it’s easier to blend in, to follow the well-worn path. But to truly know myself, I must embrace the strange trails and unexpected turns that are uniquely mine.

My actions, my choices, even my missteps — they carry my signature. It’s a reminder, especially when I’d rather hide my work in the corner. Every experience, good and bad, teaches me something about the person I am and the person I’m becoming. That uniqueness is precious, a compass pointing towards an authentic journey only I can take.

I declare that I will celebrate the quirks that make me, me. I will not apologize for paths less traveled.

The declaration that “I own me” was initially daunting. It meant no more placing blame on circumstances, on luck, or on other people. Every word, every choice, every success, and stumble — they stemmed from me. The weight of it felt heavy at first, but it also led to a powerful shift. Ownership didn’t mean everything would always go my way, but it gave me agency.

Owning my mistakes was the hardest part. But beneath the sting of regret, I glimpsed an opportunity. Those missteps were mine to untangle, to learn from. That’s true ownership — it’s not just about basking in triumphs, it’s transforming setbacks into fuel. Each time I take responsibility, it strengthens my understanding that I am the architect of my experience.

I declare that I will own my victories and my defeats with equal honesty. I will seek lessons, not excuses, within my choices.

At first, the idea of becoming “intimately acquainted” with myself sounded awkward, but it’s proven to be the most thrilling adventure of all. Self-discovery is a treasure map with smudged ink and hidden trails. There are moments of delightful surprise, where I unearth talents or passions I never suspected I had. Then there are those shadowed corners where fears and insecurities lurk — confronting those is far from comfortable, but vital.

This journey of discovery is never-ending. I am constantly evolving, shaped by new experiences, relationships, and challenges. The person I was a year ago feels like a fascinating stranger at times! But the core of self-love offers a guiding star: as long as I approach myself with curiosity and compassion, any transformation, any revelation, is embraced rather than feared.

I declare that I will embrace the ever-changing landscape of myself. I will seek both the light and the shadows within, knowing both make me whole.

Self-love isn’t a fluffy feeling or a fleeting indulgence. It’s a bedrock principle that says, “I am worthy of respect, kindness, and care — especially from myself.” This kind of love isn’t about ego or arrogance. It’s extending the same grace and patience I offer others to my own heart. Some days that means celebrating wins; other days, it’s forgiving myself when I fall short.

True self-love has teeth. It empowers me to set boundaries, walk away from harmful situations, and pursue what nurtures me. It’s an act of defiance against the voices, both internal and external, that try to diminish me. Self-love is the quiet, unwavering belief that I deserve a life filled with joy, purpose, and the unwavering support of my own spirit.

I declare that I will treat myself with the same compassion I extend to those I love. I will champion my own worth, especially when the world tries to deny it.

Resilience isn’t about being indestructible; it’s about bending without breaking. Life throws its fair share of storms, and sometimes I weather them with grace, and sometimes I just cling on for dear life. But the power of self-love and the deep well of self-knowledge I’ve discovered give me the strength to rise again.

The scars and setbacks are a part of me — they tell a story of survival and a spirit honed by adversity. With each challenge overcome, my belief in my own strength grows. There’s a quiet determination born from facing down my fears and doubts. Resilience becomes more than just bouncing back; it’s about using the lessons learned from hardship to propel myself further than I ever thought possible.

I declare that I will honor the struggles, knowing they forge the most unyielding parts of me. I will find growth in adversity and rise stronger with each challenge conquered.

“I am me” is a simple phrase, but it holds immense power. Within it lies a celebration of individuality, the courage of ownership, a quest for self-discovery, the unwavering warmth of self-love, and unyielding resilience. It’s a constant process — sometimes messy, sometimes exhilarating, but always essential. These aren’t isolated themes, but facets of a whole. When I embrace my uniqueness, take responsibility, learn from myself, and stand in my own corner, I am building a life that is authentically and unapologetically mine.

Through mistakes and successes, failures and triumphs, fears and joys, love and loss, growth and challenges, relationships and discoveries — through all that life throws my way — I OWN IT ALL!

Note: This essay was inspired by Virginia Satir’s powerful work on self-esteem in her book Self-Esteem (1975). Her exploration of individuality, ownership, and self-love provided a framework for this declaration.



𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓵 𝓣𝓸𝓭𝓪𝔂

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