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Self-Improvement — #ILLUMINATION

How Comfortable is Your Comfort Zone?

Do you want to stay in or go out?

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Earlier today, I read an excellent story by Dr. Christine Bradstreet 🌴 about your comfort zone. It is dated Oct 16, 2018, long before I became a paid member on Medium.

It reminded me about the one that I had written a few months ago. There are plenty of stories littered all over the interwebs on the same topic.

In less than a second, Google presented approximately 562 million results for “comfort zone.A search for top quote on comfort zone produced almost 24 million results.

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~Roy T. Bennett

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ~Neale Donald Walsch

So what’s the point? What am I trying to say, you might ask.

Whenever you talk about Self-Improvement, the subject of getting out of your comfort zone is bound to come up sooner or later.

Dr. Bradstreet talked about learning from your mistakes, even when they are not mistakes, but others see it differently and present an opportunity to learn and grow. Flexibility is imperative in Personal Growth.

In my story, I talked about stretching your comfort zone. Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone will enable you to bring things that are currently out of your comfort zone within its confines. You can make progress without being uncomfortable in the process.

If you stay in the middle of your comfort zone, you can only see what is in your comfort zone, and it will be nearly impossible for you to grow or make progress. However, if you hang out at the periphery of your circle of growth, you’ll be able to see things outside. Some of those may pique your interest, and you might want to bring it in.

By enlarging your comfort zone, you also extend your circle of influence. You’ll meet people you hadn’t before, and they may have interests that might intrigue you, inviting you to experiment and grow, or at the least learn that it’s not for you.

Day nine of the 30-day challenge. My theme: Self-Improvement.

As always, thank you for reading. A few more for your pleasure.

I am a self-proclaimed weirdo, Jack of Many Trades and Master of Some. I live the Freedom Lifestyle — life on my terms, and help those who are interested in doing the same. (Join the Tribe)

You can let others tell you what it means to be successful, or you can decide it for yourself.”



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Rasheed Hooda

Rasheed Hooda

Self-proclaimed weirdo. Jack of Many Trades, Master of Some. Author, Speaker, Photographer. He walked on Route 66 Chicago to L.A.