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Sensitivity And Awareness Are Powerful Life Tools

Life is a test, and every day we are tested. I intend to pass all tests life gives me. If Sensitivity has made me this way, it’s a pill worth taking!”

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And the reporter asked, “Why are you the way you are?”

Nodding, she decided just to let it out, “Someone said I was too sensitive, so I took a journey into me. As an introvert, I decided to make life my teacher. So, I spend a lot of time with me thinking about everything and everyone. I realize that because of how I live, manage my time, finances, all things in my life, and decisions I made years ago that are still carrying me. I end up with extra time to think and be aware of almost everything going on around me.

I learned that doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, is power. Life taught me that planning would counteract anything and everything, allowing me to be crisis resistant.

Some of us know someone who manages to weather all the storms that hit them. Thanks to their sensitive nature, they plan because they know life and its ability to change quickly without notice.

Life allows me to feel the pain of others, including my children. It showed me the benefits of doing everything I do for a good reason. That way, I am left with fewer regrets. Whatever causes me pain, I have the time to feel, understand and think about it. Then the power to stop it.

Whoever hurts me, I can stop them, and I am not afraid to. I can witness, identify, and understand the tiny things that happen in my life and sometimes those of others. Being sensitive has given me the power to read and feel certain emotions of others and see many things coming my way, good and bad. I am aware and alert of almost all actions and reactions of everyone I meet and communicate with. I thought I saw it all, but everyday life teaches me something new and exciting about humanity, my environment, and the world.

I have fewer problems giving me more time to think. I can clean my life, actions, and decisions in real-time. I can see myself from a distance. It’s like a rewind button in my brain, and I can rewind and replay my day, then I can mend, fix my actions, revisit and improve my decisions and revise my choices. Heck, I can edit my life, which makes tomorrow better. Life is a test, and every day we are tested. I intend to pass all tests life gives me. If Sensitivity has made me this way, it’s a pill worth taking. The side effects are positive!”

She reached over and gently nudged the reporter’s chin to close his agape mouth. Then whispered before walking away, “Sensitivity made me aware. Awareness decomplicates my life.”

Are you one of the Sensitive/Aware ones?

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